It’s the perfect time to gather up our holiday crafts!  We are right on the brink of holiday season and fall is just around the corner.  It’s time for pumpkins and pinecones and soon after that it’s snowmen and Santa.  Take a look at a few great holiday crafts we’ve rounded up for you today. Here are some holiday crafts from our Best Blog feature we shared with you this morning, Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.  Head over and say hello!

9 Holiday Crafts For Kids

9 Holiday Crafts For Kids

Halloween: Halloween sensory bottles  – Gather up all your googley eyes and plastic spiders to create a sensory bottle perfect for the little ones to explore Halloween. Candy bones  – These delicious Halloween treats are easy to make and only need a little chocolate, pretzels and marshmallows. Halloween bath  – Even bath time can be festive!  Try this orange bath with plastic Halloween pieces you can find at your local dollar store. Thanksgiving: Pumpkin spice sensory rice  – For your fall sensory bins, try making this scented rice.  It’s super easy and only takes a few ingredients like pumpkin spice and food coloring. Apple cinnamon playdough  – Make some play-dough perfect for the fall season.  You can use it alongside pipe cleaners to make some cute play-dough apples! Apple tree craft  – A great craft for the little ones, make an apple tree with an empty toilet paper roll, a little paint and construction paper. Christmas: Christmas sensory bin  – Create a fun sensory bin for your kids with a few plastic Christmas decorations and lots of tinsel. White glitter playdough  – Perfect for winter, this DIY play-dough recipe is white and glittery, just like snow! Glitter playdough snowmen  – Use that white play dough to create miniature snowmen!  Add googley eyes, buttons and pipe cleaners to decorate. Thanks for the great holiday activities, Jaime!

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  1. Awe thanks so much for share us today. I did notice the blog name is wrong frogs not snakes:) will come back and share the post soon. Thought I could grab a quick second on cell but the kids are up!