*rubbing eyes*
*BIG yawn*

Is it Monday already?

Allllllll right…it is potluck.

Today you can bring anything you want. I am feeling very hungry and a bit grumpy.

Why am I hungry and grumpy this fine Monday morning?

Thanks for asking!

It has a little to do with this extravagant purchase from the shelves of my local Williams-Sonoma:

I know! I know! That is WAY too much to pay for syrup. I was weak. I couldn’t help myself under the Williams-Sonoma domestic spell.

Yes, that is enough to cause grumpiness, but what is the hunger all about with tasty expensive syrup in the house?

The pancakes were made.

They were buttered.

I reached for the syrup.

I tried to open the syrup.

I got a knife.

I stabbed.

I picked (axed).

I sliced.

12 minutes later with cold pancakes awaiting:


Oh, and there is no way to reassemble it so all the syrup needs to be consumed today or transferred to a new container.

Yes, I am taking it back to W-S which just increases my grumpiness.

Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week!

This week is a little different. I am awarding Peep of the Week status to the person who left the link to this tasty little potluck tidbit featured on Passive Aggressive Notes:

So for that fun link, ANONYMOUS is Peep of the Week!


Did I just award Peep of the Week to Anonymous?

Holy crap people! Leave your name! Let this be a lesson to you all!

Just for that I am totally not updating Holly’s coccyx this week.

So there.

It’s not me, It’s YOU is returning this Wednesday with Mr. Linky for you to post shopping related posts. If your shopping related post involves Target you get BONUS points which are useless in all 50 states and Canada (Nirvana lawyers are reviewing their significance in Australia).

And because I have a heart and love you all so much

What is in Holly’s fruit bowl?

2 lemons, 2 red apples and 3 aging bananas.
Oh, and for a short while a few days ago…a bird.

*major foreshadowing alert*
*major foreshadowing alert*

Please tune in tomorrow for a Nirvana films production of that event.

This Monday may your syrup be cheap and easy…

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  1. My only goal in life is to be your peep of the week, getting beat out by this anonymous is the most crushing blow yet… She’s all “Yeah, I’m the peep of the week” (brown paper bag over her head) when it’s my turn I’m going to flash it around for the whole blogosphere to see.

  2. Do you KNOW how many Mrs. Butterworths you could buy for that one bottle of W&S? Like, um, several.

    Also looking forward to why the frick there was a bird in your fruit bowl.

  3. What does it say about me that I would have paid $16 for the syrup? Or that I might have kept it to myself while the kids ate Mrs. Butterworths?

  4. I’m all caught up but only commenting once – in the interest of time – LOVE the photo posts from last week especially the fall/beach one. Love your wimpy cold weather issues – we have 5 inches of snow on the ground already – they were calling for flurries, NOT SNOW. My boys hate coats as well- “do I have to wear my big puffy coat?” is a common question around these parts.

    I did not shop this weekend at all except for an emergency trip at 9:00 on Sunday morning while I was skipping church to buy a pair of snowboots for Gavin’s ever expanding feet for the snow we weren’t supposed to get.

    I would NEVER pay %16.50 for syrup no matter where I was. I would save it for something stupid at the check out line or as a bribe for my kids along the way.


  5. What a rip-off W&S!!

    For that price, the cap should pop off, on it's own, tell you how pretty you are, AND do a little dance for you, all while pouring itself over your pancakes….hmmph!

  6. No coccyx update?? NOOooooo! But I had a super witty, super clever, truly hysterical coccyx comment all cocked and ready! But now you’re never going to hear it!

    (I didn’t really)

  7. ‘Member in college… when you couldn’t finish your beer and you could save it by placing a balloon over the bottle’s neck? You could do that with your syrup… Oh, you didn’t have a super cheap roomie in college? Oh, nevermind.