Would you like to find an outing for wholesome all-American family fun in the Dallas area? Last weekend, we were feeling kind of tired of the usual museums, exhibits, and playgrounds and needed to find something new to do as a family.  We live in the burbs and consider ourselves “city folks” but we decided to throw on our cowboys hats and check out the Mesquite Pro Rodeo. It was amazingly fun for all ages.  I seriously can’t believe that we haven’t done this sooner. family fun at the mesquite pro rodeo

Family Fun

The Mesquite Pro Rodeo is a serious rodeo but they are big on family fun.   There were families with young kids everywhere we looked.  The announcer and events were all wholesome, patriotic, and entirely kid-friendly.  There were entertaining performers, rodeo clowns, and even events that kids could participate in such as Mutton Busting in which kids could ride a sheep in the arena or the Calf Scramble where kids run after a calf and try to pull a flag off its tail. Of course, you can’t have a rodeo without some bull riding and calf roping and the Mesquite Pro Rodeo certainly has a lot of these.  My kids had never seen a rodeo so this was all new and exciting for them.  But their favorite rodeo event was watching the horse and riders race around the three barrels as quickly as they could without tipping them over. Mesquite Pro Rodeo is Great Family Fun

Mesquite Rodeo  

The Mesquite Pro Rodeo takes place in the Mesquite Arena located at 1818 Rodeo Drive in Mesquite.  The rodeo will continue every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm through August 24th.  Ticket prices range from $14.00 – $60.00 but children age 2 and under can attend for FREE if they sit on an adult’s lap.  For more information, please check out the Mesquite Pro Rodeo website or follow the Mesquite Pro Rodeo on Facebook.

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