Being the parent of preschooler is an adventure.  There are the moments of pure fun.  There are moments of extreme parenting challenge!

Earlier today we featured Janine from True Aim and this afternoon we are sharing some of her strategies to keep the parenting of preschoolers playful.  What is so delightful about Janine’s approach is she really keeps even preschool struggles light with a sense of play throughout.

12 Ideas to Keep Parenting a Preschooler Playful

12 Ideas to Keep Parenting a Preschooler Playful

1.  Experiencing preschooler resistance?  Check out this fun game to alter the mood – Tease, tickle, taunt…teach!

2.  Disruptive preschooler behavior at the table?  Play the manners game at the next meal!

3.  Want to awe your preschooler with homemade rainbows?  Make a cardboard box light table.

4.  Sibling squabbles an issue?  Learn the virtue of a bee sting.

5.  Veggies avoided at mealtime?  Teach preschoolers how to like vegetables.

6.  Overwhelmed by preschool curriculums?  Check out these 5 ways to find the perfect one for your child.

7.  Preschool flashcards getting dull?  Your child will love the flashcard shell game.

8.  Is learning to read challenging?  Check out this fun early reading game to get kids excited about words.

9.  Are preschoolers getting wiggly indoors?  Head outside to play a huge DIY board game that reinforces math skills.

10. Are preschoolers getting wiggly indoors and you can’t go outdoors?  Play flashcard musical chairs!

11. Looking for a new sensory experience for preschoolers?  Create a buried treasure game for them.

12. Is your preschooler a prolific artist?  Celebrate and display that art with this simple 5 minute display.

When you are in the middle of parenting a preschooler {or preschoolers}, it is easy to get caught up in the to-do list and frustrated by the speed at which preschoolers cooperate.  That is why we love the ideas that Janine shares to keep our part in the family attitude playful!

Thanks Janine for letting us feature you today!

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