Ovaltine Awesome Wholesome Backyard Party Texas Style

Last month Ovaltine asked me if I would be willing to get a few moms and kids together for a party in my backyard.

Ovaltine Awesome Wholesome Backyard PartySince I have belonged to a homeschool group for years that will get together for ANY sort of party, I willingly agreed!

When Ovaltine sent me the information about the party, I found out it was called the Awesome Wholesome Backyard Party.


I can pull off wholesome, but my backyard doesn’t live up to awesome.   So I called my mom and dad and begged to bring the party to them.   Thankfully they agreed because their backyard goes beyond awesome.

We started the party off in the treehouse and zipline.

One by one the kids flew across the backyard while giggling…or screaming.

Zipline rides at Ovaltine Awesome Wholesome Backyard PartyWe also played in the treehouse.

Treehouse Ryan and Isaac

And on the swing.

SwingAnd on the tire swing.

Tire Swing Isaac and RyanAnd everywhere in between.

Treehouse stairs Petra and StevenWhew.

We stopped for just a few minutes to eat.

I had done a little research and found some Ovaltine treats to add to lunch:

Ovaltine party foodWe (of course) had Ovaltine to drink.   I served it in a large container with a spigot and froze large Ovaltine ice cubes the night before so it would stay cold throughout the party. I had never thought about providing this type of drink for a group of kids – usually juice boxes or soda would be on the menu, but it worked great.   The kids loved it and kept coming back for refills.

My favorite thing was the Ovaltine Dip.   It was the hit of the party because it is absolutely delicious.   I served it with animal crackers, pretzels, apple slices, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.   I liked the pretzels and apple slices the best.

After a make-your-own-sandwich bar, we went out to the lake to play.

Rhett on the dockThe water level is down quite a bit this summer and the kids can practically walk across the lake in parts.

In the middle there is a sand bar that is just beneath the surface which makes for a fun “walking on water” illusion:

walking on waterLuckily, it is still deep enough near the dock to pull out the jetski.

Grandpa and Rhett on the jetskiGrandpa and Rhett jump on board and then look for something to tow.

landry and reese in intertubeThere were many willing participants…

jetski and intertube

…for a quick spin around the lake.

intertube at the lakeWhich was repeated over and over.

rhett at the lake

After climbing, zipping, swinging, sliding, swimming, jumping, splashing and speeding, we paused for a treat.

eating ovaltine popsiclesDessert was Ovaltine Popsicles made in Dixie cups.

Dessert was paired with chocolate-y smiles.

chocolate smilesIt was a really fun day.

Each family left with exhausted kids and Ovaltine to enjoy at home.

She is Dallas info:   Ovaltine sponsored this party and because they are big supporters of wholesome fun, made a donation in my name to the summer camp of my choice.   I want to thank them for an amazing day with friends and family.


  1. Ovaltine has been a staple in our home for about 8-10 years. Our kids love chocolate milk and we steer clear from sugary syrups. Even my 12 year old has a glass a day. All five of my boys love it. With all the vitamins and minerals, I really think it is a win, win!

    In fact, my two year old is addicted to Ovaltine. He takes the container and hides and eats it by the scoop. http://www.crystalandcomp.com/2011/03/need-i-explain-wordless-wednesday/

    Love the idea to make popsicles with Ovaltine- we really need o try that! Thanks for sharing, Holly!

  2. HappyCampers says:

    We loved the party!! The dip was amazing….it took about 2 minutes in the car on the way home for Reese to.fall asleep!

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful party! We’re hosting one next weekend. I LOVE the setting! We’re trapped in a hilly, rocky wood but I still hope it will be fun for everyone. I better plan the menu soon 🙂 I’m totally making the dip!!

  4. You HAVE to make the dip! It was such a fun party…you will have a great time.
    One of the moms emailed me today and said her kids were now addicted to Ovaltine. They had already finished the canister they received from the party and had to go buy more!

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