I never considered myself as quirky, but now that I think about it, I guess I do have a few quirks.   One of them is that I love a good kids movie.   There’s something magical about them, and they fill me with warm fuzzies.   Make it a dark and blustery day, throw in a cold front and/or storm, give me slippers and a cozy quilt, a mug of hot tea (or better yet a pumpkin spice latte) and I’m in H. E. A. V. E. N., heaven.


Harry Potter movies still top my list.   They’re like comfort food for me.   There’s something about the world JK Rowling created that truly is…well… magical.   Literally.   And figuratively.   Getting lost in Hogwarts with Harry, Hermione, and Ron makes me happy.


Same with Pirates of the Caribbean.   Love Johnny Depp in most everything, but really love him in this movie.   Love Geoffrey Rush.   Love the whole pirate code, er, guidelines.   Again…happy.

Holiday movies?   CAN ™T WAIT!!!   Ushering in the season with Peanuts is essential.   Miracle on 34th Street (love the original and the remake–I ™m not a purist and I ™m not ashamed to admit it–except when it comes to the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.   Accept no substitute) is a favorite.   It's a Wonderful Life?   One of the most perfect movies ever made.   Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol… so atmospheric, and he's so adorable that I can't wait to watch it.


Modern classics?   The Santa Clause with Tim Allen… as good as warm cookies straight from the oven.   My son played Santa Claus just like the boy in the movie.   It spoke to him and so I will always love this movie.   It's magical.

cold miser

Andthe stop motion shows from my childhood~Santa Claus is coming to Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and The Little Drummer Boy are classics that we have to watch in our household.   The season isn't complete without them.

heat miser

I get the same warm fuzzy feeling when I settle in with a good book.   I’m currently reading The Help.


LOVE IT.   Can’t wait to get back to it.   These are people I wish I knew.   I feel like I DO know them.   I want them to be real.   I’m rooting for them, holding my breath as their lives unfold before my eyes, and I can’t wait to turn the page, start the next chapter, find out what happens next.   I will be so sad when the book ends.   That is a sign of a really great story.

So, what gives you warm fuzzies?   Is there a book or a movie that holds that magic for you?

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  1. I agree with Holly – nothing puts me in the spirit of holiday cheer like Elf! It’s really a great movie for people of all ages and I love that it’s not raunchy or crass.

    Also, a warm blanket, a fireplace and cup of something hot (soup, tea, chocolate, etc.) is perfection!

    And the Rudolph movie? It’s my fiancee’s favorite!

  2. I can never get that Heat Miser song out of my head…

    I love the movie ELF. Every time I watch it I just love it more and more. I also love those Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies. Because I want to cry? I don’t know, but usually they are based on some book I read when I was a kid/teenager and they are always perfectly sappy.