Our entire family has loved this Warm Fuzzies Jar! It’s a great way to reinforce positive behavior in kids and it helps children to recognize their emotions. It’s such a simple tool with huge benefits. Kids earn “warm fuzzies” when they are caught doing good things and when they recognize how doing good makes them feel–warm and fuzzy inside. I found my kids finding as many opportunities as they could to fill the Warm Fuzzies Jar. Before I continue, here’s a great post that will teach you How to Get Your Child to Stop Lying and the importance of telling the truth…because, eventually, every kid learns how to tell a big one. warm fuzzies text I first got the idea for a Warm Fuzzies Jar at church when my kids were younger, so although my kids are getting older now, you can absolutely use it for any age group. My kids earn “warm fuzzies” for completing chores without being asked, helping others, and using their manners. I also let my kids earn a “warm fuzzy” when they recognize how doing good makes them feel–warm and fuzzy inside. You can let your kids earn “warm fuzzies” for whatever you think is appropriate for your family. I like to add an incentive when my kids fill their Warm Fuzzies Jar. It could be anything from going out for ice cream, date night with mom or taking them to the dollar store. Here’s what you need to make your own Warm Fuzzies Jar: warm fuzzies 2

Warm Fuzzies Jar

You will need:
  • 2 Pint or Quart size jars or another container (you will need 2)
  • Pom poms craft balls
  • Decoration, if you want to make the jar pretty
Directions: Before you get started, it’s a good idea to talk with your kids about positive behavior and the good feelings that come from doing good things. You may want to have your kids help you make the Warm Fuzzies Jar. Unless you’re a crafting control freak like me. No reason to get all bent out of shape with a project that supposed to reinforce positive behavior. Trust me on this. warm fuzzies 4 Simply fill one of your jars with pom poms and set aside. This will be the jar you get your “warm fuzzies” from when your kids are caught doing good. The other jar will be your Warm Fuzzies Jar that you fill. Some people like to keep the jar plain and some like to decorate the jar. It’s really up to you. Use stickers, ribbon, and paper to decorate the jar. warm fuzzies 5 Once the Warm Fuzzies Jar is full, it’s time to do the incentive that you talked about with your child. You should be reminding your kid about the incentive frequently to keep them on task. I took my kids to a local ice cream shop for ice cream cones. warm fuzzies jar 1 The Warm Fuzzies Jar is also a great positive behavior reinforcement tool to use with classrooms, homeschool co-ops, and church groups. You really have nothing to lose! warm fuzzies SQUARE Take a look at these positive thoughts for kids!

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