Wednesday, April 1-   My first real stay-at-home mom day Burb Mom in Africa with geographic correction —————————————- 7:00 Wednesday morning started out normal enough- ok, not really.   I awoke to find that Caden's diaper had not been able to contain what he put in the diaper and it was all over him and the sheet on his bed.   He has been suffering from a bout of diarrhea since Monday evening, so I had even put him in a Huggies overnight rather than a cloth diaper. We ™ve been using cloth since we got here and especially lately as the heat has caused diaper rash.  Tuesday he leaked out of his diapers many times (even at a neighbor's house after dinner) so this was not a surprise.   However, since he wasn't any better Toby and I decided that I would take him to see the pediatrician (an American missionary). 7:30 I fixed a simple breakfast of cereal and strawberry-banana yogurt (the yogurt that I had made from scratch the day before).   After breakfast I set out to wash the soiled cloth diapers ¦outside ¦ by hand!   (There was no electricity so our washer would not work- the washer that takes 2-3 hours per load) 10:00 Jill, a missionary who lives on our compound, picked Caden and I up for our first visit to the pediatrician.   The Dr. works in the pediatric ward at the hospital run by the local church denomination that SIM works with.   We drove to the hospital (which is so very different in so many ways from our hospitals- especially our suburban, pristine hospitals- that I won't even try to fully describe it here).  We first went into the private clinic area to pre-pay for our visit and collect an ID card for Caden.   I will need to take this card, as well as his chart (also a card) each time we go.   The private clinic was full ¦mostly families with babies and young children. 10:30 After signing in we proceeded to the pediatric ward and knocked on the locked door to be let in.   Once inside, Caden played with toys in the play area while we waited to see the Dr.   When it was our turn we went in.   Caden wasn't weighed, his temperature was not checked ¦the Dr. simply talked to us for a while, asked why we came, looked at a soiled diaper, then said, well, it's common here.   He either picked up a bug on the plane or is simply adjusting to Nigeria.   Take him home, have him drink a lot, and call me if it gets worse or is not better in 5 days.   ˜5 days ™, I thought, ˜I have to keep cleaning yucky cloth diapers for 5 days! ™ 11:30 After the hospital visit we stopped in at another missionary's house to talk with her and her house helper to see if we want her house helper to work for us once this family leaves in May.   The helper, Asabe, was great with Caden!   She is a grandmother and is very experienced in her job ¦so she will begin working for us on Fridays until the end of May when she can work for us each day.   (While we were gone Toby departed the house for a tour of City Ministries). 12:00 On the way home we stopped to look at a little bed to see if it would be the right height for Caden.   It is still a bit too tall so they are going to cut the legs off a little and make it shorter.   The floors here are concrete so there is not padding whatsoever if he were to fall out of bed. 12:30 Once we got home we had a light lunch then walked to a neighbor's house to buy some flour from her. 1:00 I put Caden down for a nap and I did the dishes while soaking zucchini, green beans and a pineapple (we have to soak fruits and vegi's in water with a little bleach, then we soak them in filtered water). 1:30 I started to make zucchini bread.   It wasn't until after the bread was in the oven that I found the grater (so yes, I chopped all the zucchini into tiny pieces by hand).   Also, the recipe said to bake it for one hour but after 30 minutes it was over done ¦the joys of learning how to cook on a different oven- and a gas one at that. 3:00 Toby got home.   We did some more cleaning and then a neighbor stopped by to check on us and to chat a while.   I also started dinner while she was here.   Spaghetti sauce made with tomato paste, seasoning, water, ground beef and onions. 4:00 A man stopped by to talk with us about what kind of car we want to purchase.   Then Toby went outside to play basketball with his brother and some other men.   I continued to work on dinner ¦cut a pineapple and ¾ of it is bad so I put it into the compost pail. 6:00 Just before Toby gets back, I go to pour water out of spaghetti and end up pouring spaghetti into sink ¦I must redo spaghetti. 6:30 Dinner:   we have spaghetti with meat sauce and green beans.   For dessert we enjoy dry zucchini bread and pineapple. 7:30 We put Caden to bed, Toby cleans dishes while I pick up toys. 8:00 Toby and I sit down to watch whatever the neighbors are watching on cable ¦they are kind to let us use their line. 10:00 We head to bed.   The electricity has been on most of the afternoon which is great ¦our fan is working nicely. 10:30 Electricity goes off ¦. —————————————- Alycia moved from Plano to Nigeria on March 26.   She lives in Jos with her husband Toby and 2 year old son, Caden.  Read more about their lives at and

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