Children’s Health Fund

Check-in for Check Ups websiteThe Check-ins for Check Ups program sponsored by Clorox benefits The Children’s Health Fund.

I think we all have heard of the Children’s Health Fund, but often that mentally puts it into a category like “Big Charity” in our brains.

CHF is big and is a charity, but thinking of them only in those terms discounts the lives they touch on a daily basis…here in Dallas.

Dallas is one of two Texas cities that is served by mobile health clinics.

These mobile health clinics provide Dallas area kids with a medical home.   These are kids that may not see a doctor if it weren’t for this service.

I came across a series of videos about CHF on the Check-in for Check Ups website and I loved how they put a face with this big charity:

Please join me in checking in healthy habits this summer.

It is fun.

It can improve YOUR life…and the health of a Dallas child.

She is Dallas info:   The Check-In for Checkups program is sponsored by Clorox.   I am working with The Clorox Company for the Check-in for Checkups program that benefits Children's Health Fund (CHF).   You can join in by checking in yourself and creating some healthy habits.   Follow my healthy habit progress here at She is Dallas or on Twitter with the hashtag:   #checkinforcheckups.   For each check-in, Clorox will donate 10 cents, up to $100,000, to CHF to help support their goal of providing half a million health care visits to disadvantaged children across the country.

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