Strapped Olympians

I ™ve been watching the Olympics since I was in primary school. I remember putting the tape in the VCR (those of you born in the 90's, think pre-DVD times) and recording the winter games so I could watch them over and over. I think I had convinced myself that if I watched them enough times I ™d somehow absorb their talent and have my own chances at being an Olympian.

I also love watching the Olympics because I can feel like part of the winter festivities, without actually having to get cold.   I love the snow, but only if I ™m actively participating in it so as to keep my body hot.

Speaking of being active in the snow, have you all seen the US Women's Ski Team in action this year???   And apparently they weren't just getting after it in Vancouver, but they were also gettin busy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!   What exactly were they doing there you ask?   Getting Strapped of course!   Jackson Hole is home to and recently 3 of our US Women Skiers (Hailey Duke, Megan McJames and Sarah Schleper) partnered up with to get schooled in the art of wearing some seriously eye-catching bling.

The girls had just walked in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and had some free time before hitting the slopes.   They were told to do anything, but nothing athletic.   From the looks of these photos, Hailey, Megan and Sarah even know how to make fashion a sport!

Strapped Belts was launched in 2008 by John Frechette. After his employer went bankrupt, John found himself Strapped; strapped for cash and strapped for a job (boy can I relate to that)! Using his new found time John began dabbling in some of his passions, photography and painting, which eventually led him to discover his unknown love for glass!   Beyond belt buckles, Strapped Belts also offers fused glass cufflinks, earrings, rings and even some houseware items!   For BurbMom Readers: John is offering 25% your entire order if you simply enter the code OLYMPICS at the checkout. Go ahead, try your hand at the sport of shopping…

The girls obviously scored big with this partnership but it's no surprise they would gladly put their Strapped treasures aside to sport some Olympic Medal bling ¦and we sure hope they will!

The women will participate in the final games Friday, February 26th.   For more Olympic Ski coverage, check out the U.S. Alpine Ski Team or NBC.

Photos courtesy of Kelli Baxendale.

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