A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Martha Stewart’s web page that shows how to make her favorite bow. Which of course, I printed & saved. Reese & I were at Garden Ridge two weeks ago & found all their Christmas ribbons on sale for 60% off. I’ve always been the peel-and-stick-bow variety gift wrapper, but when I saw all these cheap, beautiful ribbon spools I couldn’t help myself. Reese helped pick out 8 beautiful rolls of ribbon & I was all set to try some Martha-inspired bows.

I think my first attempts went well. I couldn’t do the two loop style bow. Mine always came out crooked. So I made them a four loop style & I liked that much better.

The only problem is that I’ve got a very limited wrapping-time alloted between now & Christmas. It’s pretty much limited to Reese’s nap times. I either need to save my Martha Bows for another time (whatever!) or wrap uber-fast and tie some rockin’ bows fast as lightning! Martha Stewart can pretty much make anything….can she possibly help me and make more hours in my day? Not forever…all I’m asking is the next 5 days. Is that really too much?

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