Living the Vida Lola – Part Three

It was great fun to meet Misa Ramirez at the Barnes and Noble at the Shops of   Highland Village for coffee.

Misa Ramirez - feature

How did this happen?

How does one write a book in the midst of marriage, career and 1, 2, 3, 4, yep…5 kids?

*Holly shakes her head just thinking about the exhaustion*

Misa and her husband grew up and lived (until their recent move to Argyle) in California.   She majored in English in college and spent her career teaching.   She and her husband started a family.   And more babies came.   In the midst of her very busy life she started writing.   At first it was children’s books.   She had some early success with the publishing of The Flight of the Sunflower, but then found that the children’s book market to be cut-throat and saturated.   She continued writing for awhile…and then got tired.

Later one of her girlfriends suggested that they start meeting weekly at a local coffee shop to write together.   It sounded like a good excuse for adult conversation and writing time.   They used prompt exercises to facilitate creative writing.   At first, Misa continued to write in the direction of stories for children.   She soon became frustrated and realized that she didn’t want to write for children.

One night she just wrote.   Wrote about what was on her mind.   Wrote about adult subjects.   Wrote about sex.


And the character Lola was born.   Over the next few months each week she continued the writing prompt exercises with her dear girlfriend in a local coffee shop writing about Lola.   The writing about Lola Cruz lead to the writing about Jack Callaghan which lead to a mystery which lead to a romance which lead to a book.

It wasn’t all that simple.   She went through 3 agents and 5 years, but she is now here.

Here is a pretty good place.   Her novel Living the Vida Lola is being released today.   The reviews have been good.   The book signings scheduled.

And that is not all.   The story of Lola Cruz is a series.   She has already completed the second book, she is working on the third book and has ideas for the fourth.

Misa, her husband and 5 children moved to Texas this summer for a lifestyle change.   Misa wanted the ability to quit her day job to concentrate on her writing.   They wanted a home where each of the kids could have their own room.   They wanted to take a deep breath and spread out.   There have been a lot of adjustments, but as her husband says, “it was a God thing”.

Misa’s local book signings:

  • Feb. 6, 6:00-7:30 at The Barnes and Noble, Denton.   This is the official book release and signing party.
  • Feb. 21, 2:00-4:00 at The Barnes and Noble, Shops of Highland Village.
  • other signings in the DFW listed here.

You can sign up for Misa’s email newsletter by emailing her a request:   [email protected].

You can join the Misa fan club in the burbmom social network!

Now GO!   Go get her book…

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