My First Adventure

Okay, so part of this whole thing is that I need to be willing to bring my kiddo along on these sorts of hikes and adventures. So, I got to bring Halle along on my adventure with Tammy Kling today!armsup

We drive SERIOUSLY like five minutes from my house to Grapevine Lake and found these amazing hiking trails. I was totally blown away at how nice it was, and my daughter and I both had a fabulous time. We hiked around the lake, took some great pictures, and we are totally going to do it again!

How did I not know these awesome hiking trails were right here?

I hiked two miles!


ME- TWO MILES! How frakkin cool is that?

We had such a great time that Halle wanted to bring something back. So, we found a rock, brought it home- and painted it!

I will definitely be doing this little adventure again. It's way better than wondering around my neighborhood, that's for sure.

Halle was a little shy around new kids at first, but she eventually started talking to them. She usually takes a bit to warm up to new people. Once she got to LEAD the hike, she was all over it.


Dude, Seriously ¦ LOOK at that awesome Sky!


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