Is it just me, or do you have extra stuff around the house, too? If you’ve Redesigned your space, consider a “touch up” service.   Here are some tips that will help your room find balance again and give it a new look! Take Photos A good rule of thumb is to take pictures before you relocate an item even if it’s only temporarily. For example, in addition to Christmas decorations, prior to painting, take a photo to reference when it’s time to put everything back. Even the best of us can forget where the gold finial was- was it to the left or right of the decorative box?! Focus on One Room If you relocated an accent chair to your master and are trying to decide to put it back in the family room or leave it, decide which room you want to address first. Work on one space at a time. Believe me, this can be challenging! If you decide to put your family room back in order first, move the accent chair back there. You may realize at this point that you really liked having the extra seating in your master. Create a wish list for your master bedroom. Then, you can add a chair at a later time. Simplify You may feel that after the excess of your holidays you want to have less in your space. Go through your room with your handy dandy plastic storage tub near. Remove a layer. If you had Great Aunt Bessy’s bowl displayed while she was visiting, pack it up. Pack up your kids craft gifts or display them in a more appropriate location. Recycle old magazines to free up space on your coffee table. It’s always good when we can think green! These simple steps will breathe new life into your space. Room Resolutions To help your room find it’s new self and keep it’s New Year’s resolution without breaking the bank, add a layer. Refer back to your shopping list that I left with you. What’s next? Items are budgeted, so find your available price range and buy in increments. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! You will be pleased with your new items and proud of yourself that you stayed within your budget! Schedule an Expert Redesign Touch Up Service If you love your space but want to fine tune your room after the holiday shuffle, give me a call. Occasionally, your cleaning crew may do a little “decorating” for you, and you wonder how it was before. Whatever your situation, DecoratingSpaces can give you your beautiful space back for only a portion of your original redesign cost!

Here's a good example of a hole left after the Christmas tree is gone. The other side of the room is heavier due to use of color and furnishings. If left empty, the room would feel off-balance.

Here is one solution ¦a reading nook! This layer consists of a simple, clean look. You can always add more layers for your level of style comfort. With a chair, table, magazine holder, and lamp, you are ready to relax!

By adding greenery, you add freshness and life to your arrangement (even if the greenery is not real!).

If you are a stuff kind of person, the more the merrier! With your shopping list in hand, you can prioritize your purchases and buy as your budget permits.

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