Divine Connection: For bone-weary Burbmoms who need to recollect themselves and reconnect to the Divine.

The prophetic weatherman  made a  shocking statement in his  forecast this morning. He told an area of the country not to be concerned about a rather productive weather pattern  heading it’s way, “because it is outrunning its energy source and is about to disintigrate.” Does that describe what  happens to  you every summer as  you pack your schedule with  family visits and as many entertaining activities as  can be found?  Is your  current daily routine (where  you frequently get to direct  your own attention)  about to be abandoned until  the end of August?

I’m going to be very honest here: I love my family but the summer  exhausts me! And I know I’m not alone in that.  Around the end of July  I’ll catch the sideways glance of a frazzled, Starbucks-slurping mom as we pass in Walmart. I’ll  tap my watch  and  thus wordlessly offer the encouragement to hang in there a few more weeks when we can get some much needed alone time.   Usually I end the summer much like the weather pattern was described: formerly  productive,  fast-moving but  outrunning my energy source and  disintegrating. Well Sister, don’t outrun your energy source  this year! Schedule time to make a Divine Connection!

If you want to end the summer as integrated and whole as you  began it, you’re going to need two things: a commitment and a plan.    Make self-care an important priority and commit to do something for yourself daily, whether that’s taking time to workout, go for a walk around the block, sit quietly with your thoughts and prayers for an hour each morning, or getting a night out with  the girls each week. It isn’t a “nicety” it’s a necessity  that  keeps  us connected to  ourselves and  to God. Before I can truly raise my attention to God,  I need to “recollect” myself…to literally recollect my senses from “out there” to the “in here” where me and God live. Remember, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit so glorify God in your body. (1 Cor 6:19,20)   We are to have a healthy respect for our mortal bodies. As one Christian prayer puts it:

“Oh holy God, in the incarnation of Your Son our Lord, You made our flesh the instrument of Your self-revelation.”

So, I’m setting an incentive and goal to ensure I stay balanced this summer. I will actually write down on my daily appointment calendar, time for me each day. I’m going to  make my plan now about how to arrange my schedule around that time. For example: I’ve signed my son  up for  music camp  and lessons one day per week.  I’ll use that  for some time alone to read and reflect. I’m holding back $5 from each grocery store visit and putting that in my self-care fund. I’ll trade off babysitting days with a girlfriend so we can each get a spa day.   I’ve heard wonderful reviews of Zenity Spa in Allen and I’m going to call and schedule an appointment at the end of July. Check out their spa packages at www.zenityspa.com. (I figure Queen Esther had beauty treatments every day for a year, at the very least I can do  one day this summer!)

You can do  this but you need to start planning now. Here are some questions for critical reflection: What do you really need to maintain a healthy balance between taking care of others and taking care of yourself? Who can you ask for help? What resources do you have that  enable you to take time for yourself? What resources does my church offer…i.e. childcare during bible study? Are you overcommitted? Are  you suffering from perfect mom idealism and setting  expectations too high for this summer? What do you think are life’s greatest simple pleasures? What activities give you comfort and joy? What  do your children need to know about self-care…and would that enable you to have more time?

Take care of yourself, and may it be well with your soul!

God’s Peace,

Leslie Stewart


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