Tie Dyed Cupcakes with Food Coloring

My husband has a small stash of tie dyed shirts in his closet. He mostly just wears them to bed, or on the weekend – but he really loves them!

So as a special   treat for him this year, I figured out how to make him cupcakes – with a tie dyed theme!


multi-colored cupcakes

These tie dyed cupcakes came out totally colorful and delicious. So I just had to pass on the recipe!

I’m also making a mental note to pull this recipe out again when my daughter is a bit older. It would be a super homeschooling lesson on what primary colors, make other colors when mixed!

Plus, it’s totally yummy- and totally groovy! Why do I suddenly have the song ” Age of Aquarius” in my head??? Happy baking y’all!

baking ingredients



– One box of white cake mix

– 4 egg whites

-vegatable oil

-a box of food coloring

– Frosting (if you desire)





1. Prepare box of cake mix as directed. But substitute the three eggs it calls for to 4 egg whites instead. (This is to keep the mix very white. If it turns yellow because you use whole eggs, keep in mind that when you add food coloring they will be mixing into yellow. Thus blue food coloring will make green cake, and so on.)

2.After cake mix is ready, separate it into 4 bowls or mugs. Add different colored food coloring to each. Stir well. Keep adding color, until you get the vibrancy of color you desire.

3.Put cupcake liners in cupcake tin. Each liner will hold about 5 spoons of cupcake mix. Take turns putting a spoon of each color into each liner. It doesn’t need to be neat – in fact the more haphazardly you do this the better! Once every liner has every color in it, you can mix remaining cake mix into another color. I mixed the left over red and blue- and made purple to top cupcake liners off with.

multi-colored cake batter

4. Take a toothpick and swirl the colors on top for a pretty tie dyed marbling effect for your cupcakes. It wont mix the colors underneath much. But it does make the top very pretty. An especially important step if you choose not to frost the cupcakes.

tie dye cupcakes
(The tie dyed pattern inside each cupcake will be totally unique!
And the cupcake liner will appear tie dyed as well!)

If anyone else tries to make these, I’d love to know how it goes! Feel free to post a link to your cupcakes below, or on my main blog!



  1. Beautiful cupcakes! I love the idea and I can see using it in so many ways. Swirl team colors together for a great after game snack. Or swirl pink and purple together for a little girl birthday party. Fun!

  2. HappyCampers says:

    So cute!

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