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For the past few weeks, I’ve been taking a cake decorating class. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering my love for making cakes. I have a ton more than I’ve ever chronicled on this site, and I figured it was time to up the ante and learn the Proper Way to Decorate.

Originally I thought the class was a little beneath my skill level, consider we’re learning how to make stars and drop flowers, and HELLO, I already taught myself to do that. But after this last lesson, what I learned was that I made up how to do it, and I have no technical skill whatsoever. I do not do things properly. And I am okay with that! I didn’t do math problems properly in high school or college either, but I still got to the same answer! (Most of the time.) Isn’t that what counts? I say that’s what counts.

The problem is that I work from home, so I really don’t have anywhere to take these cakes once they’re finished. And Roger works for a boutique design agency, and it took them an entire week to eat the last cake I made – there just aren’t as many people as there is cake. So I end up with a plethora of cakes surrounding me, begging to be eaten, and my thighs refuse to do ALL of that eating. True story.

Clown Cake, Free to Good HomeThis week I made a classic yellow cake with buttercream icing. It’s a simple, playful thing, in primary colors, with two cute little clowns on top and a decorative border. Also, check out that striped icing – I’m so fancy!

Do you want this cake? I will give you this cake. I have not even eaten one piece of this cake! That is maybe the true miracle.

If you live (or work) anywhere between downtown Dallas and Frisco, I will deliver this cake to you. As long as you are not creepy. (Please let me know if you are creepy.) Share it with lots of your co-workers – you can even take credit for it, I don’t mind! – and they will love you forever. (And in this economy, don’t we all need to be loved a little?) (Answer: Yes.) (Other answer: You want the cake.)

UPDATE:   We published this story last year and hope that Jes doesn’t still have the cake.   Every time I think about the cake in need of adoption, I laugh which is why we are re-running it today!

Jes Ferris, of, believes there are few things in life better than a cake that is both delicious and gorgeous. And that is why her dad STILL calls her “SugarLips.”


  1. “Please let me know if you are creepy” ROFL 🙂 I found your site a few days ago and have become engrossed in it! Great info (we moved to the area just under a year ago from out of state) and fun style! Love it!

  2. OMG. I am laughing so hard. I will take the cake. I believe I have been pre-screened, but might not have risen above the “creepy” category.

  3. Too. Awesome. If I am creepy, could I come pick it up instead? Not sure if the exclusionary clause of creepy was for delivery, or for getting the cake, so just checking…

    I think we could be best friends, though. Cake is my favorite food. I will be happy to eat all of your creations, so you can save your thighs. Because that’s just what friends, do, right?

    Looking forward to reading your site now!

  4. I live in the same neighborhood as TexasHolly and I can vouch that she is only *slightly* creepy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~not really 🙂

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