Sno in July?

Snow in July…in Texas???
You bet!
Tropical Sno that is…the best on the planet!
(Remember, it’s not braggin‘ if it’s true!)
It never ceases to amazing me all of the wonderful treats and adventures we have right here in our own area. Since 1994 a brother-sister team has been manning the areas most incredible snow cone stands.
The first location still stand in Lewisville at Main St. and Old Orchard, in the parking lot near the Mama’s Daughters Diner.
 The second location in Flower Mound opened two years later. It is located on 2499 at Flower Mound Square.
Be sure to stop by and enjoy a treat, or use the drive-up if you’re in a rush…
You won’t be disappointed!
We got to meet the sister in this sno-man team…
Presenting: Root beer Float
Yum! It’s a favorite!
We enjoyed the sno-cones SO much the first time…
We had to go back the next day!
This time we visited the brother at the Lewisville location.


Not only is the sno-cone flavor the best, but these folks spoil their customers with all the extras…

Gummy Bears for an added treat and tiny umbrellas to make us feel ah-so-special!


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  1. MMMMM…those look so yummy. The pictures are adorable.

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