Heaven on Aisle 2

Heavenly Burb Mom Moment #1: Starbucks and wide open aisles at Target.

A few minutes after this picture was taken I checked out and headed for the Target parking lot on 2499. I had noticed a lady following me, but didn’t think anything of it until she said this:

What is your baby drinking?


Ma’am, what is your baby drinking?

Oh, I get the kid’s size soy milk at Starbucks for him. Starbucks is one of the few places I can get milk for him that he can drink.

Oh! I thought he was having coffee…

Next time I am answering, “full caf, vanilla latte, soy, with a shot of Red Bull”…


  1. Happy Campers says:

    YAY!!!! I found it….LOVE it!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Campers says:

    🙂 Added the blog tag thingy to both of our blogs & I invited all of CoOp and some PTA friends that I had email addresses for to join…I see Deb already has!

  3. THAT crap happens to me ALL the time… Halle LOVES Sbucks hot chocolate, so people always stop me and comment.

    My answer is always “Oh, that’s just a caramel macchiato with a double shot.”

    *Surprised expression from Mrs. McNosy*

    And then I say, “Oh, please don’t worry. I got them to make it with NON-fat milk.”

  4. I leave a vial of crack and a pot of cappuccino on my kids’ pillows at night. Not big on rules.

  5. You should have told her, “I give him my coffee, he gives me his Ritalin.”

    I would LOVE to be able to tell people to mind their own business. But I’m too much of a wuss.

  6. I can’t get over how little Rhett looks in this picture…they grow TOO fast!!

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