Heavenly Burb Mom Moment #1: Starbucks and wide open aisles at Target. A few minutes after this picture was taken I checked out and headed for the Target parking lot on 2499. I had noticed a lady following me, but didn’t think anything of it until she said this: What is your baby drinking? What? Ma’am, what is your baby drinking? Oh, I get the kid’s size soy milk at Starbucks for him. Starbucks is one of the few places I can get milk for him that he can drink. Oh! I thought he was having coffee… Next time I am answering, “full caf, vanilla latte, soy, with a shot of Red Bull”…

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  1. You should have told her, “I give him my coffee, he gives me his Ritalin.”

    I would LOVE to be able to tell people to mind their own business. But I’m too much of a wuss.

  2. THAT crap happens to me ALL the time… Halle LOVES Sbucks hot chocolate, so people always stop me and comment.

    My answer is always “Oh, that’s just a caramel macchiato with a double shot.”

    *Surprised expression from Mrs. McNosy*

    And then I say, “Oh, please don’t worry. I got them to make it with NON-fat milk.”

  3. 🙂 Added the blog tag thingy to both of our blogs & I invited all of CoOp and some PTA friends that I had email addresses for to join…I see Deb already has!