The Grocery Game – Part Two – First Shopping Trip

Here we are at the first shopping trip for The Grocery Game. I have NO manufacturer’s COUPONS because last Sunday was Easter and there were none in the paper.

I printed off my Teri’s list from The Grocery Game website that highlights the specials at my local Kroger – in the Flower Mound Town Center strip mall.

I am shopping without children today and have checked about 12 items on Teri’s list that I plan to purchase.

Let’s go shopping!

The Verdict?
Totally worth it. I spent $36.40 on 17 items.   I saved 54% on things I would buy anyway with very little preparation and NO COUPONS!

Post Shopping Reality Check:

I was truly amazed by this trip. I started out to buy 12 items and then picked up 5 additional things because the sales were so good. I made a conscious effort to NOT purchase anything that we wouldn’t use.

One of the concerns that I had (and one that a reader voiced in the comments last week) was that by using coupons I would end up with more unhealthy food…more prepared food. As you can see by my purchases, they were largely made in the produce aisle:

Groceries from first shopping trip

The one down side to this week’s trip was the meat. I purchased the family pack special on a cut of meat that I have never bought before. The first night we grilled two of the steaks and they were so tough they were almost inedible. I put the remaining two in a crock pot to see if that would work better. It did, but not better enough to purchase again.

While in the store I was able to find 4 manufacturer’s coupons, 3 of which I used on this trip.

My big find was the Teri’s list suggested in-store special of Thomas English Muffins and bagels. The English Muffins were buy one, get one free and the bagels were on special. When I looked at the bagel bag I noticed an additional coupon for $3 off any 3 Thomas products. When it was all said and done they were virtually free.

Hopefully this Sunday’s paper will produce some helpful coupons and next week I am tackling the Highland Village Wal-Mart…

Need to catch up?   This Reality Check Series starts here.


  1. What an interesting read. Thanks for the great post. Keep up the good work:)



  2. Hi! I posted a comment last week but maybe it disappeared with the technical difficulties (smile). Anyway… I just wanted to let you know that you need to be careful with Wal Mart because they do not triple and double coupons like Tom Thumb and Kroger do. They do, however price match advertisemens, which i have never done there.

    Also, just wanted to out it out there that has the same info. that grocery game does in a different format and for free. I am all about couponing and saving as much as possible! Have fun and good luck!!!!

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