Oprah & Chef Cora’s 7-day Menu Challenge: Day 2

Whew.   We felt pretty good making it through day one of the Chef Cat Cora 21 meal menu as seen on Oprah.

And then we realized that day two would mean three homemade meals.

Three homemade meals.

I think I can…I think I can…I think I can.

Let’s make breakfast!

We decided to try:

Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon and Low Fat Cheddar Tortilla Wraps

This was also one of the recipes that Chef Cora demonstrated on the Oprah show in the home of an ordinary family.   Bianca tackled this breakfast and when I saw it I was surprised because I could have sworn that on the TV show it looked yellow – like the whole egg was used.   I checked the website and they mention use of only egg whites…

And I just have to ask WHY?

Egg Yolks for disposal

First of all, separating the 6 yolks from the 6 whites seemed cruel…they seemed so happy together.

Then disposing of the 6 yolks since none of the recipes in the 21 meal menu uses them seems very wasteful.

And third, by only using the egg whites the total recipe size seemed small.

And fourth, I LIKE the taste of the yolks.

And fifth, the yolks contain a bunch of nutrients that the whites do not.

And finally, none of my family members have high cholesterol or have special dietary needs and let’s be frank…eating a few egg yolks is MUCH better for them then what they might have been eating on any other given morning for breakfast.

Sorry, I got a little caught up in my pro-yolk agenda.

Chef Cat Cora Menu breakfast tortillas

The Verdict?

3/5 liked the breakfast tortillas.

1/5 refused to try the breakfast tortillas.

1/5 threw a giant tantrum and cried all over the breakfast tortillas.

The post cooking reality check report:

I will make a modified version of this recipe in the future.   It took a reasonable amount of time to prepare.   I will use the WHOLE egg and add something to make them less bland.   I ended up dipping my portion in salsa which was good.   I think chopped jalapenos or a fresh pico de gallo mixed in with the eggs would be really yummy.   The amount of cheese used was so minimal I didn’t taste it, but I hate to suggest adding more cheese after making such a big deal about the eggs…but more would taste better.

The portion size was VERY SMALL.   I think that if only the whites are used then at least 3 more eggs need to be added for four full servings.   Maybe I just eat a lot, but I had 2/4 portions (as described by the recipe) and needed a snack by 10 am.   I suspect if the whole egg is used then the portion size will be about right.

Whew! Breakfast is over and we have a few hours before lunch.

What should we do?

Let’s go back to the grocery store!

For lunch we made:

Veggie Stuffed Twice Baked Potato Boats

Right after breakfast we popped the potatoes in the oven and set the oven for an hour.   Since our potatoes were small we decided to make 5.   When I checked on the oven an hour and 1/2 later the potatoes were still a little firm to the touch so I reset the oven for another 30 minutes.

Bianca assembled the recipe:

Veggie Stuffed Twice Baked Potato Boats

And the children ATE this recipe.


The Verdict?

5/5 LOVED the Veggie Stuffed Twice Baked Potato Boats

The post cooking reality check:

I will definitely, without question make this recipe again.   It is full of vegetables and everyone ate them!   It is a pretty easy recipe that doesn’t take much time if you use the timer on your oven for baking the potatoes.

The portion size was good.   We ended up with quite a bit of the stuffing left over because our potatoes were so small.   The stuffing is yummy so I don’t think it will be in the fridge long…


The 21 meal menu did not include snacks and we are attempting to limit what we eat (within reason) to what is on the menu.   Well, the boys are not THRILLED with this plan so we took a closer look at some of the recipes to see if we could use them for snacks instead of meals.   We decided that the small portion size of the Frozen Yogurt Banana Pops (each portion is 1/2 a banana) would be difficult to pass off as a FULL breakfast so we are using it as a snack instead.

Let’s make them now!

Frozen Yogurt Banana Pops

Actually, we made them earlier since they need to freeze for at least a few hours.

Frozen Yogurt Banana Pop

The Verdict?

5/5 are WILD about Frozen Yogurt Banana Pops

The post cooking reality report:

The family freezer will always have these available for snacks.   The only complaint we had was that they were messy to make.   The yogurt seemed to stick to the bananas, but the granola didn’t stick to the yogurt.   BUT who cares…they taste great.

The portion size of these are great for a snack.   This would be WAY too small for a breakfast for me.   Maybe as a side to a whole bowl of oatmeal?   I am beginning to get a complex about how hungry I am in the morning.

All right people, we are nearing the end of the day.   Let’s make dinner!

Greek Cinnamon Stewed Chicken

Every one on Oprah was licking their fingers over this recipe.   I just had to taste it for myself.

Crap…the chicken factor.

Cluck.   Cluck.

Chicken, Schmicken.

After 4 recipes we are KITCHEN WARRIORS!

The chickens don’t have a chance…

Cinnamon Roasted Chicken

The recipe was pretty easy to follow, but the liquid reduced too quickly and Bianca added more water.   There was a side of Orzo suggested with this recipe.

The Verdict?

5/5 liked the chicken.

2/5 liked the Orzo which is really surprising since the Orzo was very neutral in flavor.

The post cooking reality report:

I will probably make this again.   It is a bit labor intensive, but would be easier the second time around.   Since the Orzo was not a hit at my house next time I will substitute mashed potatoes.

The portion size was good – even generous. We have tons of Orzo left over and several pieces of chicken that can be used in other recipes later this week.

Overall this was a good food day.   We are spending a majority of our day in the kitchen, but for the most part making food that the kids will eat.

Tomorrow is another day…

Read about Day 1

The next day: Day 3


  1. The Lucky Mrs. T says:

    I have always eaten my eggs whites only – fried or in omlettes. It wasn’t until I traveled to California that I found restaurants that served them that way.

    Mine wasn’t for health reasons, but taste – I am not a yolk fan. I always feel bad about wasting half an egg. They need to breed a chicken that lays yolkless eggs… There’s an idea!

  2. Pure genius…love the videos…you guys are BUSY in the kitchen!

  3. Um, maybe Cat Cora’s people don’t have human-sized tummies? And could the breakfast burrito have used Egg Beaters for that yellow fake yolk color? I admire ya, but wouldn’t wanna be ya. All your time is now spent in the kitchen and/or driving back and forth to the story. And the added expense. Nooooooo. Me and mine will just have to be plump and happy.

    PS Use Low Fat cheese and some spices in those burritos, or throw in some tomatoes and sauteed onions. I keep a jar of minced garlic always on hand. It keeps forever in the fridge and eliminates one trip to the grocery. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Oh My Word. I cannot believe Bianca cut up that entire chicken. That is out of control! You guys are hilarious.

  5. I am so impressed…I was planning on making the stuffed potatoes so I am glad to hear about them!

    You know, my thing with the egg whites is that I usually do 1/2 whole eggs and 1/2 whites. It gives a good balance, for us.

    I get the same way about the amount of food in the morning…I need a lot! I wonder if using wheat tortillas would keep the hunger away longer?

  6. You couldn’t pay me enough to disembowel a whole chicken. The recipes look good. A+ for effort, ladies.

  7. I’m all against apartheid and the separation of whites and yolks, too. I say boycott all such recipes. Or use the yolks and just halve the number of eggs the recipe calls for.

    On the other hand, those potatoes look good, and I’ve bookmarked the lemon pecan pancake recipe for future use…

  8. I’m all against apartheid and the separation of whites and yolks, too. I say boycott all such recipes. Or use the yolks and just halve the number of eggs the recipe calls for.

    On the other hand, those potatoes look good, and I’ve bookmarked the lemon pecan pancake recipe for future use…

  9. Loved your thoughts and votes on which recipes were crowd pleasers! I want to make the burrito and also the chicken!

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