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I am so excited to tell you about my best friend’s Deep Ellum cafe, Zen Baking Company.   Czarina & Chonnie (pictured) started Zen Baking Company as a wholesale cake ball company about a year ago.   At the time, I was thrilled at Czarina’s change of plans to follow one of her passions in life: FOOD!   Czarina is one of the most passionate and dedicated people that I know, so I was confident that whatever she set her mind to was going to be a success.   Sure enough, I was right.

Zen offers a variety of unique cake ball flavors as well as traditional favorites!   I stopped by the shop this weekend and they boasted flavors such as The Blind Lemon, Zen Oreo and my personal favorite, Rockin ™ Red Velvet.

We’ll have one of each, thanks!   🙂

Zen has recently decided to expand their food endeavors by offering Filipino inspired Asian tapas.   You MUST try the egg-rolls. I grew up on Mr. Caturay’s egg-rolls and they are to die for!

There are a number of ways to enjoy Zen’s signature cake balls:

As a BONUS, we have found that Beget has a DEAL running now for Zen:

$9 for half dozen cakesickles at Zen Baking Company

This is a deal listed in Beget’s Dining Deals and will be available for 24 more days.   You may find it by signing up and then searching Dallas dining deals.


She is Dallas info:   Zen Baking Company is located at 2805 Main Street in Dallas.   Beget.com is a Dallas deal site which is an advertiser and links in this article are affiliate.

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