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One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to spend a day (or even a few hours) at one of our many local lakes in the DFW area with the kids and family or as a fun day out with friends. I have had the personal pleasure of visiting many of our lakes, and so far my favorites are Lewisville Lake at Lake Park and Grapevine Lake at Murrell Park just south of Flower Mound on the north shore of the lake.

During the summertime, I make it a special priority to get the kids out as much as I can so they can enjoy the water while it lasts. Murrell Park has become one of my personal favorites because of its easy access and free price tag. Although Murrell Park does not offer a playground like Lake Park does, it does offer quieter and more secluded surroundings as well as many hiking and biking trails in close proximity. Murrell park currently has tent and primitive camping, but is undergoing an expansion to increase camping facilities.

I’ve found the following tips helpful when planning a day out with young children:

1.) Wear sunscreen and bring extra, applying as directed. There is nothing worse than spending good quality time together just to be miserable afterward. Bring a hat and sunglasses for extra protection.

2.) Bring towels and wear old shoes you don’t mind wearing in the water and therefor getting wet.

3.) Bring a cooler with drinks, water, fruit, and premade sandwiches or other snacks to eat. Alcohol is prohibited at Lake Grapevine (check with other lakes on their rules).

4.) If you don’t mind carrying them, bring foldable lightweight chairs and a radio with batteries.

5.) Bring fun water toys such as pool noodles, water squirters, flotation devices.

6.) WEAR A LIFE JACKET! There are no lifeguards on duty and a drowning can happen in seconds!

7.) Don’t forget your fully charged camera!

You can also take these tips from my dog, Lily:




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