Labeling our Dolls: A Starfall Activity

starfall supplement activityMy oldest preschooler loves Starfall and loves her dolls, why not combine them into a review lesson? Remember our funky painted clothespins from yesterday? Well, today my oldest was playing one of her favorite sections on Starfall, All About Me, and when she was finished we decided to review the words together with a few of her dolls and our clothespins. As she was playing her computer game I wrote down a number of the words she interacted with on sticker paper: Girl, boy, head, face, hair, eyes, yellow, brown, arm, leg, etc. Then attached the stickers to the clothespins and we “matched” the word to the corresponding part of the doll.


Do your kids like clipping and pinching each other things with clothes pins? Mine do! I am pretty sure this will be a review activity we will do often. It combines three of Quirky Kid E’s favorite things: Starfall, dolls & clothespins!


  1. Love it! Great idea! I’m going to try to figure out a way to use this idea with B’s new super hero toys from McDonalds that he has been carrying around for days.

  2. interesting. I have to admit I’m not sure if we have any clothespins.

  3. Great idea, I just love making learning fun!

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