Life gets a little crazy some times…ok, a lot of times!

I know I feel it when all of a sudden I need a nap, or want to yell, or just feel overwhelmed by whatever nonsense is happening.  Even days that don’t appear stressful, can wear me out!

The idea of a 5 minute vacation to take a moment, take a deep breath and do something that will bring a smile can really help me through one of those days.

5 minute vacation

One of those EVERYdays!

5 minute vacations can be a cup of coffee, watching a funny YouTube video, putting on a pair of slippers, take a brisk walk around the outside of the house, think about something you are thankful for, and a million other little things that can break up our day.

DOLE Fruit Parfaits  are a perfect 5 minute vacation!

They contain all natural fruit and are rich in Vitamin C along with being low fat, cholesterol free and very low in sodium.

Dole Fruit Parfait

They come in three flavors:

  • Pineapple and Creme
  • Apples and Creme
  • Peaches and Creme

This week I have taken a break mid-afternoon for my DOLE Fruit Parfait vacation.  It is a pretty inexpensive vacation at only $2.79 for a package of four.  That is less than 70 cents a vacation!

I was pretty sure that I would end up eating all Peaches and Creme because I am a fan of that combination, and be left with the other containers.  BUT Apples and Creme was my favorite!  To tell the truth, I liked all of them.

They are refreshing smooth and sweet with a fruity taste.

Kinda vacation-y!

You can find out more about DOLE Fruit Parfaits by visiting the Dole website, liking the DOLE FB page or following @DOLEFoods on Twitter along with the #DoleParfaitEscape hashtag.

I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network and DOLE sponsored this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Thanks DOLE!

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