Do you like toys? Share your kids quotes for chance to win 300$ of toys!!

We love B.   Toys at the Quirky Home!   As I am writing this post two of my four are building whimsical castles with their Stackadoos Bristle Blocks.   And I am pleased to announce you have your chance to win your own Bristle Blocks (or any other of their fun toys!).   B. Toys is having their first annual quote contest!!!     Enter your quote, make a nifty card that you can print and keep, decorate a scrapbook, pass out at family reunions, whatever.


These cards are super easy to make on their website – be sure to click the like button!

Then ask your friends and family to vote for your quote.   The quote with the most votes wins!   I love reading fun and silly kid quotes!   Leave a comment here if you joined the Quote contest, along with a link to your quote and I’ll vote for it every day from now till when the contest ends, September 6th!  



  1. Mud Pies For Mommy says:

    I loved that site!! So cute.

    The two quotes I used were,

    “I’m allergic to girl stuff, got any boy stuff.”
    Will, 3


    “I swallowed your kiss so that it would stay with me all night long.”
    Luke, 4

  2. Luke’s quote is adorable! Your boys sound like a lot of fun! I liked them for you, hope you win some fun toys.

  3. My daughter Mallory age 4 said to me one day when we were watching a friend of ours 8 month old baby.

    “The baby is speaking Spanish, Mommy.”

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  5. Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

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