Do you love giving personalized gifts for the holidays or even a special occasion?  I really enjoy looking back on that moment in time.  It’s special and priceless.  Photo books are nice, but take a long time to do.  So why not consider a book from Heartfelt Books.  It’s not a photo book but an “answer” book.

I was asked to review one of Heartfelt Books for the holidays.  So I decided to do one for my five year old daughter.  She may not be able to read everything in it, but some day she will.  And she will be able to see what she was like or what she liked to do at the age of 5.  What I really liked about the process is that it’s prompts you on all of the questions.

Here’s an example:

“What’s one of the craziest things we have ever done together”?
“You seem happiest when…”
“I’m so impressed you know so much about…”
“I wish you could have met….”

These are real questions that may never come up in a conversation.  But it certainly gives you a chance to start the conversation.  After you answer all of the questions, you are able to leave important messages for the person receiving the book.  I used this time to tell my daughter what she means to me.  This is not only good for a mother/daughter but for a best friend, spouse or parent.   The book also comes in a beautiful cover (of your choice) and color.  The books cost $57.94 and that includes Priority Mail shipping.    I really love the concept of Heartfelt Books.  It makes a great gift.  I can’t wait to give it to my daughter.


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