From Unemployment to Author ~ Read “Tales of the Terminated”!

What am I doing?   I ™ve asked myself this over and over since the layoff.   The day I was laid-off seemed surreal.   It was somewhat terrifying, although as I ™ve said before, I just knew that somehow, some way, things would work out for the best. Where I got this confidence, I don't know.   If I did, I would package it and go on the talk-show circuit to promote it.

As my journey through the Land of Layoff progressed, I noticed lots of funny, humorous things about work, or really my lack thereof.   One awesome by-product of this journey was that I discovered writing for fun, and with the encouragement of Hubby and others I started chronicling my experience in my blog, Tales of the Terminated . Many of you have read the stories: the phone interview that went horribly wrong, the parallel universe of networking events and my many freak-outs. I was encouraged by followers “ including many fellow bloggers – who told me they enjoyed reading my stories; that they could relate to my tales of unemployment and job search. While I enjoyed writing, honestly I thought it was a fun hobby and nothing more.   Until now.

It's been almost two years since that fateful day I stepped into unemployment, and my life is great.   Life in the Land of Layoff happens in stages, and I ™m happy to tell you that I ™ve taken the next step.   I ™m pleased to announce my book:   Tales of the Terminated: A Humorous Look at Life After a Layoff  is now available for purchase!  It's available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

To go from being unemployed to having a published book is another surreal moment for me.   Someone actually called me an author today “ imagine that!   I ™m grinning from ear to ear.   Guess I need to update my resume too.

I would love for you to share this with your friends, colleagues, family, anyone and everyone!   Like  us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and if you're interested, buy the book.

Most importantly, I want everyone to know how thankful I am for your support and encouragement. I ™m grateful to have you.

Keep reading because I intend to keep writing.



  1. I actually just read this book! I downloaded it to my Kindle from Amazon. It’s very amusing. Y’all will enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Lea Ann – so glad you enjoyed it!

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