Traditional LEGO table tops have been sized too small for the average brick building child.   I created a tutorial:  How to Make a Lego Table showing how we built a table to accommodate older children.  It is one of many LEGO table hacks that have become a part of my everyday life with three boys and a roomful of LEGO bricks! Our family’s quest to find a table that my grade school aged boys could comfortably use for building ended with a simple modification of an inexpensive table. In the tutorial I outline how an inexpensive IKEA table was transformed with building base plates into a large table for kids (and adults) to use.  It is a LEGO table hack! lego table top

LEGO Tables for Older Kids

Historically, LEGO tables have been produced for toddler and preschool sized children, yet the core demographic of builders are boys 5-12. The traditional tables are too small for the average sized builder to sit and the table top does not provide enough building space for the older child. We found that using a standard-size table (and chairs/bench) to create a building surface, the older child or adult can access the table in comfort and have a larger building space. Tables with baseplate surfaces can be used for building models with base support or creating cities and landscapes out of bricks. These areas are also good for multiple builders to work together.   My boys have created multiple cities on the table top surface.   In fact, we started out with just ONE table, but now each of my boys has an identical table top.   Well, the tables are identical, but the creations are not!   Having a separate building area for each boy has definitely decreased the LEGO angst in my house. Kids Activities Blog has published other LEGO inspired activities to do with older children. By utilizing what kids enjoy, learning can become play even for grade school aged kids. Making a LEGO Lapbook and Creating DIY LEGO Book for instructions are two such articles. Check out these other middle school art projects.

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