I love lists of preschooler activity ideas.   I hope my kids aren’t the only ones who cry “boredom” sometimes!   This list is great!   And if I could only convince the Texas sun to keep temps out of the hundreds we’d begin implementing many of the ideas that Julia of Roots of Simplicity uses to keep her kids occupied, active and outdoors!   To make it easy for her kids to decide what to do, her family decorated a jar and added lots of sticks.   On each stick is a different activity.   Maybe some of them will inspire you!   Be sure to check out part 2, we have another 30 outdoor activity ideas! .
  1. Take a nap outside–in the grass, on a blanket, or in a hammock.
  2. Draw a piece of nature–a leaf, a flower, etc.   Plant rubbings are fun and easy to create!
  3. Get out some chalk and do sidewalk art.   Or use Sidewalk Chalk Paint (we have an easy recipe)
  4. Take your bike(s) out for a spin.
  5. Read a book or magazine outside.
  6. Bring out a guitar or homemade musical instrument to play.   Or bring out the pots and pans… keep that banging noise outside.
  7. Have a water fight with garden hoses, balloons, or water guns.
  8. Stargaze at night time or go catch fire-flies
  9. Take seeds or stale bread to feed birds or ducks.
  10. Go puddle stomping in or after a rain storm.   Didn’t have a storm?   Make your own puddles!
  11. Play a game of tag.
  12. Get a rope to climb or use to swing.
  13. Have a treasure hunt or outdoor scavenger hunt.
  14. Build a sandcastle or sculpture in a sand box.   Moldable moon sand is especially fun for kiddos to play with!
  15. Set up a sprinkler and run through it.   Or get wet on an early morning walk from neighbors lawn sprinklers along the sidewalk.
  16. Go to a nature park or botanical garden and explore it fully.
  17. Get a tree or flower guide (or garden catalog) and see how many types you can find and identify. Take photos if you like, and label them.
  18. Go fly a kite!
  19. Get a jar and go on a bug hunt.   How many bugs can you collect?   For a fun bug craft, check out our bug painting.
  20. Have a toy car race.
  21. Get a measuring tape out and measure random things around your backyard.
  22. Play hopscotch or four square.
  23. Play target practice.
  24. Build a campfire in a fire pit.
  25. Set up a tent in your back yard for a hide-out or pretend camping “fun”
  26. Visit a farm.
  27. Find beautiful flowers or other natural objects and photograph them.
  28. Enjoy a cold or hot drink as you recline outdoors
  29. Water “paint” your sidewalk with paintbrushes
  30. Attend an outdoor festival, concert, or theater production.
  31. Play a game of marbles.
Check out our post later this week!   We have another 30 plus ideas coming your way!   Thanks Julia for helping keep my kids active and engaged this summer!   And thanks Roots of Simplicity for another great guest post.

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