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Over the last month we have explored Outdoor Living in Dallas-Fort Worth through a series of articles sponsored by Mark Nolan.   All the photos are taken from homes he currently has listed for sale in the DFW metroplex.

We have looked at creating The Perfect Patio, Outdoor Spaces that Work for Families and Outside Rooms with a View.

outdoor living space

Today we are looking at some outdoor space features that we love.

outside fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces:

Need we say more?

I love how they create a homey space with a cozy environment even if situated in a vast area.   Seating arrangements around the fireplace are inviting whether they are for conversation or meals.   They can be a focal point or can create ambiance for a focal point.

materials that fit with landscapes

Pretty Paths:

I love an adventure and the beginning of a path is inherently one.

Using materials that fit in the landscaping of your backyard creates an adventure that fits.   Whether it is stone steps, stamped concrete or pavers, those who visit will want to follow the trail.

Placing a quiet secret space at the end of that path for an afternoon read or a kids hideaway can make your backyard full of surprises.

It is hopeless!   My house doesn't have a good outdoor space!

The good news is that all the houses in the photos above are for sale in the DFW area.   They are listed by Mark Nolan who is a real estate expert based in Dallas-Fort Worth.   He can be contacted by phone:   817-371-4872 or via email:   MarkNolan@email.com.   To get full house tours of the homes pictured above, you can stop by his DFW home virtual tour website.

She is Dallas is working with Mark Nolan promoting all the beautiful houses he has for sale.  

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