Over the last few weeks we have been exploring Outdoor Living in Dallas-Fort Worth.   We started with The Perfect Patio and then found Outdoor Spaces the Work for Families.

outdoor living space

Today we are drooling over local outdoor rooms with a view.

nice view 1

Creating an Outdoor Room with a View:

  1. If you got it, flaunt it:   If you have a view, then accentuate it.   Think about what you are seeing from every angle in your backyard.   If you are going to be building an outdoor structure, make sure it doesn’t obscure the reason why you built there!
  2. If you don’t have a view, create one:   I love this little fountain and flower garden because it CREATES a view in a front yard courtyard.   It turned the ordinary into a secret garden.
  3. Wild is a view:   This is a personal one for me because I live in the suburbs of Dallas and have a view similar to the forest pictured above.   I love feeling like I live in the middle of nowhere, despite it’s proximity to civilization.   There is a hawk that lives in my backyard and the occasional armadillo.
  4. Paths can be part of the view:   This rock pathway is gorgeous and extends the landscaping.   Each step now has a view down this hillside staircase.

nice view 2

Creating a View:

  1. Ponds are pretty:   Creating a pond within a landscaping plan can not only increase the view, but also add to the outdoors-y sounds.   I love the sound of a fountain or waterfall.
  2. The pool is a view:   If you are building a pool, make it part of the view.   This pool looks so natural in the trees and would be the perfect place to swim in the shady summertime.
  3. Add some color:   This backyard has amazing colors throughout.   The red and yellow flowers look so pretty against the greenery and textures beyond.
  4. Hardscape can be pretty:   This backyard is incredible.   The hardscape path is stamped and colored to blend in with the natural stone and rocks.   It makes me want to uncover the hot tub and jump in.
  5. Use the space you have:   Whether it is on a ground floor patio or an upper level balcony, use the space you have for living.

It is hopeless!   My house doesn't have a good outdoor space!

The good news is that all the houses in the photos above are for sale in the DFW area.   They are listed by Mark Nolan who is a real estate expert based in Dallas-Fort Worth.   He can be contacted by phone:   817-371-4872 or via email:   [email protected].   To get full house tours of the homes pictured above, you can stop by his DFW home virtual tour website.

She is Dallas is working with Mark Nolan promoting all the beautiful houses he has for sale.   Watch next week for our article about Outdoor Features We Adore.

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