Can you see it? That bad case of “bra fail” just waiting to happen? That strap is just hanging on by a thread and could go at any moment. Luckily, I don’t have massive wild bossoms that will be flying everywhere when it happens.

My husband says just about every night, “Why don’t you JUST GO BUY A BRA ALREADY?!?! Maybe get crazy and buy TWO!!!!”

I don’t know. I like to get every last ounce of use out of things like bras and socks and underwear (see Cheap) and one bra has been enough for the past two years….and beige is the only color I can make myself buy and I don’t need two beige bras (I know, makes no sense.) I mean if I had run out and bought myself a new bra as soon as this one started wearing out I would have done so a year ago. And see! It has lasted a whole nother year! In fact, I predict I have another 3-4 good months left on that strap. And I bet if I re-enforced it with a safety pin, I’d have another year. Hmmmmmm.


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  1. Go crazy girl and get a colored bra…OMG. You fainted, didn’t you?

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