Learning to read doesn’t have to mean just sitting down with a book.   Thanks to Kids Activities Blog, we have found some early reading games to engage even the most reluctant reader.

Story Cubes

Rachel came up with these story cubes as an activity to help her child learn to read. They are a mix between Rory's Story Cubes and Bob's Books.   She uses a mixture of Bob Books, Progressive Phonics and the free printables at Hubbard's Cupboard for her reading curriculum with her preschool and kindergarten kiddos. She was looking for a way to extend the reading lessons while waiting for the next stage of Bob Books to arrive.     Hence, extra reading practice with story cubes. Her kids love rolling the dice to create new sentences with familiar words.   I think the repetition of words in the cubes helps them develop both their reading speed and confidence. story cube game fore reading For more information as to how to make your own Story Cubes, check out the Story Cube Game over at Kids Activities Blog.

Phonics is Fun

There are other fun games for early readers using phonics. phonics made fun Each of these games is homemade with things you already have around the house. And they are so fun, your soon-to-be reader may not even notice she is learning.   Click to find this phonics made fun collection.

Kinetic Sight Word Activity

And if you have a child that won’t sit still to learn, here is the perfect activity: sight word ball from kids activities blog This kinetic sight word activity will have them jumping! You might might even wear them out to the point where they will sit down and read!

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