Yeah, that was 49 in a 35 right there. They have a new speed trap on my main drag…and it’s a total drag. Dude had the nerve to pull me over on my way to yoga, and he took his sweet time about it too. I mean, come ON. “Ma’am, did you know your were speeding?” Um, YEAH. I was speeding because I’m in a hurry so could you light a fire under it already.

He just killed my “ohm” and my Karma and my feng shui and kung fu and all that stuff. It’s so pointless to have to rush to get to yoga. And it’s even more fun when you have a 3 year old in the back seat telling you you’re going too fast all the rest of the way there.


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  1. That totally happened to me on my way to an “after football party.” 44 in a 30. The whole team was driving by as he wrote out the ticket. Good times!

    I think I have another 22 days of probation!

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