How to Keep Austin Weird…with kids!

After 10 years of Surburbnite life in the metroplex, we made the unbelievable move to the exact opposite “ Austin.    And while I didn't trade in my minivan for a hybrid or get season passes to Austin City Limits, I did embrace the move and began to see all the amazing culture and fun Austin had to offer.

What do you think of when Austin is mentioned?    Live Music?    UT Football? Dirty ole ™ 6th  Street??

Or do you think it's all just plain weird?

Most of the weirdness you encounter here in Austin tends to fall into the over-18 category.    So how do I explain to my kids why Austin is dubbed weird ?    With a little bit of research, it wasn't hard to make a plan to show them just how to Keep Austin Weird .

1. Cathedral of Junk:  In a small backyard of a South Austin home, Vince Hannemann created an amazing work of art out of ordinary junk “ TVs, bicycles, glass bottles, toys, and more are strategically placed about in the 3-story wonder.    Take your time meandering through the ˜junk , take a few pictures, and talk to the artist who is on hand.    The Cathedral of Junk is open on the weekends and by appointment on weekdays.    It is absolutely free, but donations are welcome.

2. Barton Springs:  Where else can you take a dip in March and be perfectly comfortable?    The Springs are always a comfortable 68 degrees allowing for a warm swim in the winter and a refreshing dip in the summer.    Located at Zilker Park near downtown Austin, Barton Springs is the fourth largest natural spring in the state. Because it is so large, it hardly ever feels crowded. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a ride on the famed Zilker Zepher too.

3.  Stroll Down So Co:  South Congress Ave is alive with weirdness.    Where else can you find a HUGE costume shop (with the BEXT mural for a sign!) right next to Allens Boots?    Musicians line the corners, ready to play their latest hits.    You can find the perfect weird treat in the funky shops; from chocolate dipped bacon in the Big Top Candy Shop to the perfect vintage necklace from Feathers Boutique.

4.  Dinner from a trailer?    Most advise you to not eat from the local taco truck.    But in Austin, I am insisting you have at least one meal from a local trailer.    Some of the best foods I have tried here have been from a trailer. I ™m talking gourmet, friends.    Many of the food trailer parks have picnic tables, live music, and twinkly lites to add to the atmosphere.    We even have an app to help you locate your favorite trailer.    Mine just happens to be the giant airstream Hey Cupcake! Trailer.    You must have their new John Lemon and make it a whippersnapper.

5.  Austin Murals Tour.  Some of the best art in Austin can be found on the sides of buildings.    For free.    Hop in a pedicab and tour all the murals within a 10 block radius of 6th  Street.    Get your family's picture taken in front of the famous Greetings from Austin  sign.    And give your sweetie a smooch at the I love you so much  mural.    

The Metroplex definitely doesn't offer place like this!    Don't stay away from this weirdness!    Embrace it the next time you are in Austin, show your kids how we can Keep Austin Weird .

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