Bacon & Jalapeno Wrapped Shrimp

Bacon makes the world go round and if you wrap it around shrimp and jalapeno then you have a very rounded world.

Shrimp is tasty “ I *heart* shrimp and it makes me very happy to add  jalapeno to this recipe. It's just one big happy well rounded wrap.

Ahh! These babies are good and will have you craving them time and time again.

Some call them Shrimp Diablos, but I call them what they are “ Bacon-Jalapeno Wrapped Shrimp.

These are divine!

Oh so delicious!

This is a recipe I have been making for quite some time and have started making it with my fourteen year old. I will get everything ready to go (i.e. cut and remove seeds of jalapenos, veggies, etc ¦) and set up an assembly line of sorts while Jace peels and deveins the shrimp (aka the icky part), passes to me to wrap and season.

We have a system.

Ok, enough with my bad jokes and rounded worlds let's make some bacon jalapeno shrimp and vegetable kabobs.

You ready for this?

Here we go!

Bacon-Jalapeno Wrapped Shrimp Ingredients:

20 Jumbo Raw Shrimp “ peel and devine ( increase, decrease to serving size. either way there will NOT be any left.)

Equal Thin Bacon (may need to cut in two depending on shrimp size)

10-15 large jalapenos or equal number to shrimp if not very large. ( cut these in quarters or halves)

Robust Italian Dressing

Tony Chachere  Cajun Seasoning

bacon jalapeno wrapped shrimp precooked

Bacon Jalapeno Wrapped Shrimp Instructions

Have 14 year old son scrub his hands and peel and devein shrimp. Rinse.

Cut jalapenos in three parts or halves depending on size of shrimp.

Place shrimp in jalapeno.

Wrap in bacon.

Repeat until all shrimp is wrapped in jalapeno and bacon.

Place bacon-jalapeno wrapped shrimp on skewers on a foil covered cookie sheet.

Cover with Italian Dressing.

Season with  Tony Chachere  Cajun Seasoning by liberally pouring over wrapped shrimp.


Veggie Kabobs

Place assorted vegetables (zucchini, cherry tomatoes, squash, purple onion and mushroom) on skewers.

Cover with Italian Dressing and more  Tony Chachere ˜s if desired.

Spray grill with cooking spray and cook Bacon-Jalapeno Wrapped Shrimp until bacon is done and shrimp is pink. I recommend using thin bacon or it will take too long to cook and then all sorts of things go wrong. Char-coaled shrimp and grill fires just to name a few.

Cook Veggies until done or they begin to shrivel up.

vegetable kabobs

Serve with  brown and wild rice  or the  chicken flavored brown rice  I showed you before. Toss it with some green onions and have yourself a tasty dinner.


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