No matter what business you are in, if you own a business you are in sales. A large percentage of your time will be spent on marketing and sales, especially if you are a new business owner. Sales can be fun and certainly profitable. The five be-attitudes of sales are ones that I have learned as a business owner and that I have observed from some of the best sales people that I have met.

Next time someone calls on you to sell you something, be nice to them and give them five minutes or ten minutes of your time! Why? Because they have something to teach you about being a salesperson and you may be the one on the selling end very soon. If you want to be treated with respect by your prospects, you should treat other sales people with respect as well.

I went to a friend’s party recently, she handles all of my credit card processing and she was unveiling a new brand identity for her company, The Card Diva. As I listened to her talk, I realized how much she loves sales and serving others. Her enthusiasm was palpable! I have worked with Candy Fernau for at least three years now and watched her grow into her business and her brand. She is a great leader for her team and has put the right people in place to support her and her business so that she can do what she loves best, sell! Her energy and attitude, as well as her knowledge and certainty make her great at what she does. Embrace these five be-attitudes and I guarantee it will impact your bottom line. Here is number 1:

Be punctual. Do I need to say more? When you are a sales person, you must show up on time whether it is in person or on the phone. Punctuality is a show of respect for the other person. No matter who you are or what career you have, there is no excuse for being perpetually tardy. This decreases your credibility in the eyes of others. Of course, there are always emergencies or traffic excuses or clients who talk on and on. If you cannot avoid being late or even suspect being a little late, call the person and tell them. Life happens, your honesty and effort to be punctual will go a long way. Make sure you schedule your time so that arrive early for appointments. You can always use the few extra minutes to catch up on emails or reading. I never go anywhere without a book or a journal in case I find myself with extra time. If you are calling on business owners, there is nothing more frustrating than being kept waiting by a sales person. If you want to start your appointment on the right foot, be punctual.

Practical Action Step: Are you always running late? First, ask yourself why? What excuses are you making? Pick one day of the week and commit to being fifteen minutes early to all of your appointments that day. What do you need to do to make that happen?

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