The top excuse I hear for why women do not exercise is that they just do not have time. Have you ever used any of these excuses?
  • …but my kids have homework
  • …but I don’t want to redo my makeup
  • …but I hate to have to take another shower
  • …but I have to cook dinner
  • …but I can’t miss the game!
Let me offer a little tough love: get over yourself! The amazing thing about time is that we all have 24 hours in any given day. It is what you choose to do during that 24 hours that determines your destiny. Priorities I, for example, have set my priorities and they include raising three young kids with all the homework, doctors appointments,  homeroom parties, and extracurricular activities that comes along with it. My priorities also include maintaining a blissful marriage and keeping my career rolling. But I still fit in a 45 to 90 minute workout every day. It is a priority, and we always make time for priorities. Time is only an excuse as long as we allow it to be. When you set your life up for success by keeping exercise a priority and scheduling for it, you will make it happen. If your hair needs cut, you make time and make an appointment. If your grass needs mowed, if the air filter needs changed, or if a birthday party needs to be organized… you make it happen. You may have to juggling some things around, but this is your health we are talking about. Make it a priority. Schedule for it. My time excuse My time excuse was always associated with feeling separated from my family while I worked out. If I joined a gym, I would have the travel time to and from, the cleanup afterwards, plus the workout itself. Having a home gym eliminated the travel, but I was still locked in a back room. My solution To eliminate the problem, I moved the treadmill to the living room. I could then watch the same movie or football game the family was watching while also getting my workout done. On days I preferred a different exercise, I would pop in a Walk Away the Pounds DVD and walk with one to three kids hanging off my limbs. The truth The truth is that no matter what your schedule looks like, there is always time for a workout. You just have to figure out how to make it happen. It has to be a priority. What is your time excuse? Can we help you find a solution? Comment below.

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