New Year! New You: Wake Up and Start a Rev-YOU-lution!

Your Life is Waiting for You ¦

This is the perfect time to start a personal Rev-You-lution! A movment where you get NAKED and share you just as you are with the world! Don't be afraid you can do it. I personally know how fear can paralyze and freeze us into place. Afraid to think, move, love, speak and step forward in faith. Oh yes I know it all too well. What I know even better is how opening the door to your fears can liberate your life and reveal the truth about who you are…

It’s all an illusion. A nightmare we consciously create just by listening to one tiny little voice, the inner critic who resides in the heart of our ego. Yes that ego of ours serves to protect us in some ways yet it is the master of deceit. It tricks us into believing that we are too _______ to be who we want to be and have what we want to have. The ego and the inner critic conspire to strangle our dreams, squash our success and smother who we are, perfectly imperfect powerful beings who CAN co-create every desire of our hearts. (what masterpiece will you create?)

Your pain, your misery, your dissatisfaction and your confusion is all an illusion beautifully mastered by your ego and inner critic. How powerful they are…

But there’s a greater power than they…

YOU…the hero within you. That power, that voice, that essence is…way more masterful than any little voice that speaks in your heart. You own that voice.   You own that ego. You are in control of it all and the power lies in your choice to listen to, entertain and react to the inner critic or ignore it, eliminate it and respond to your love source upon which all desires are manifested.

There have been moments in my life where I looked at my circumstances and thought “did I really create this and what the hell was I thinking, why would I do this to myself?” There have been other moments when I looked at my circumstances and said, “ok God what lesson are you teaching me in the midst of this chaos?”

Nevertheless, it was only in those moments when I knew deep in my bones that I was capable of experiencing life’s lemons by bending and not breaking, by falling and not fainting. Through it all I had a choice…

  • I could choose to feel myself falling and lay down…
  • I could choose to fall down and not get back up…
  • I could choose to find myself in the dark and not search for the light…
  • I could choose to see my circumstances as the end or embrace them as the beginning of a new me.

In life we have two choices; complain about it or create it and be about it.  

The choice is yours…loath your life or love it. Dread your life or delight in it. Wallow in misery or walk through your fears. There is no such thing as try in a fearless/fulfilled life, either you want it or not. You create it or fall victim to your circumstances. You may be saying, “yes I know Catrice, but how do I do it.” That’s a fair, simple and yet complicated question. The answer will be different for each person but here’s what I know works for me…This is how I RELEASE THE GENIUS WITHIN ME…

  • FEAR is an illusion. It’s not real (unless you are in immediate danger). Stop giving it so much power.
  • LOVE is the answer to it all.   Love yourself, love others, love your work, love life and love should be at the source of everything you think, feel and do. (If you’re not experiencing love you are experiencing fear, take back your power).
  • Decide how you want to be and how you want to live and start being and living it.
  • Don’t wait for approval, refuse to seek permission. Make a choice and step forward.
  • Stop focusing on the what, how and when of your dreams or decisions and give all your energy to the why of it all. (why do you want this or that, why do you exist, why is your purpose or dream important etc.)
  • Stop making life complicated. If you show up fully, be who you are, love what you do, serve the world, give back and live in love that’s all you need to do to live a fulfilled life (anything else makes it complicated).
  • It’s your life, stop giving away your brilliance and power.
  • Trust your genius! You know what you need so believe you deserve it and go for it!
  • Life is too short to let other people decide your destiny. Don’t give away your power because a power greater than you gave you everything you need to live a fearless and fulfilled life.

Now stop dreaming about it, talking about it, over-analyzing it, worrying about it, contemplating it and just do it, be it and live it! (whatever your heart desires!) Start your NAKED Rev-You-lution today!

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