Managing Holiday Stress

tips for a happy holidayHere are some tips from Coppell Family Therapy for making this year's holidays happy and stress-free:

  1. Set spending goals before shopping! The holidays are always a time for giving and receiving. However, many Americans overspend on things for themselves and others. To avoid getting overwhelmed by bills in January, spend only what you can afford from December's budget.
  2. Volunteer or donate! We often forget that gift giving does not always mean giving something that costs money. Volunteering your time or donating clothing and toys is a very valuable lesson for your children and cost saving measure for you.   To get connected with a non-profit agency in need of volunteers, please check out the Volunteer Center of North Texas.
  3. Tradition! Long after the presents have been opened and played with, what lasts are the memories. The smell of the pie that grandma always made, the ceremony of decorating your home, game playing and storytelling are just a few ways to instill tradition in your holiday celebrations.
  4. Celebrate Diversity! Take time to understand the traditions and celebrations that surround a different holiday from your own. This not only enriches all members of your family, it teaches your children the wisdom of diversity.
  5. Time Management! Holidays are often stressful simply because of all that needs to get done in such a short amount of time. Make sure not to over commit yourself or your children. The goal of the holiday is not perfection, but rather quality time with family and friends.
  6. Resolutions! If New Year's Resolutions are part of your annual tradition, make sure you set goals for yourself that are clear, attainable, and healthy. Setting yourself up for failure is never a good way to start of the year!

Best Wishes for a safe and happy holiday season from Coppell Family Therapy!

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