Black Friday Map

I have put together my 2011 Black Friday Shopping map.

It is official.

Black Friday Map 2011

Fancy, eh?

Here is my plan.

Oh!   You can follow along at home in your pajamas because WFAA will be joining me and Ryan {my oldest son} on our shopping adventure.   We will also be updating the She is Dallas FB page throughout the morning just for fun.

4:30 – Kohl’s

5ish – Old Navy

5:15 – JC Penney

5:30 – Kirkland’s maybe and maybe Belk

5:45 – Dick’s Sporting Goods

6ish – Target

6:30 – Children’s Place

6:40 – wander around to see what else is open there

7:00 – Brilliant Sky Toys

7:30 – Breakfast!!!

Later – at some point during the day we will go over to Legoland Discovery Center and Sealife in Grapevine Mills Mall for their annual pass sale


  1. What dot he red numbers and question marks mean? How are you only going to spend 15 minutes in a store when the check-out lines might be a mile long? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Hi Leah, The red numbers at each store is the opening times I could find. Several stores I usually visit didn’t have the opening times available…and I looked a LOT. CRAZY.

    We do this every year and it is more about the event. If there is a line a mile long, then we don’t make a purchase. Where we shop is in the Flower Mound/Highland Village area where the traffic isn’t as intense as some other areas. It is only Kohl’s that seems to draw super large crowds, but they will have been open for 5 hours by the time we get there so I think it should help the lines.

    Often we make it over to the mall before 7 am as well. If you are super quick about getting in and out, you can really do a lot of shopping in a short amount of time.

    I did wait in line for 45 minutes at GAP last year, but it was because they had only ONE person working the cash register…but I got 60% of my Christmas shopping done in that one visit so it was worth it.

  3. Good luck. I was at all of those stores today. I love brilliant toys. Some cute stuff in there. Had an awful time finding parking tho. I will be at michaels in Southlake at 6. Did u know Southlake finally got a toys r us. Woo Woop. Have fun and love the map.

  4. Well, according to the e-mail I got, all Kirkland’s will be open by 7 a.m., but it doesn’t say for sure that the FM store will be open at that time.

  5. Now that is a plan and A LOT of shopping. Have fun! Love that you have continued this tradition with Ryan. So sweet and special!
    Love the map!

  6. HappyCampers says:

    We decided to head out at 10:00…so we will miss you! BUT I will be home so I can watch you on TV! Have fun!!

  7. You were in my neck of the woods today – did you get some good deals?

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