Liquor. Hard Alcohol. Mixed drinks. Cocktails. Whatever you call it, I typically don't drink it. Until recently.


This is a very close replica of The Muddle.

I sipped one of the best drinks I ™d ever tasted last week at  Park Grill  in Chicago. The bar staff at Park Grill mixed, crushed and swirled grapes, mint leaves, lime,  Welch's 100% Grape Juice  and Champagne and a few other ingredients (see recipe below) into what's known as a Muddle. It was delicious and refreshing. After I ™d helped myself to 2 of these concoctions, I switched to water made a mental note to grab the recipe.

Here's a strong recommendations to include this on your holiday bar this year “and, what the heck, just put it on your favorites list year round.

Grape Muddle  

  • In a martini shaker, add 2 grapes,  3 mint leaves,  2 limes and   ½ oz simple syrup
  • Add ice and pour in 1 oz. Grey Goose and 1 oz of 100% Welch's Grape Juice (can use white grape juice if preferred)
  • Mix/shake and pour into an old fashioned glass
  • Top with Champagne
Remember to drink responsibly.

I ™m a proud member of the Welch's Health and Wellness Advisory Panel.

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