spelling for boys

My boys have recently become excited about spelling.   Not only are they self-initiating lessons and teaching each other, but they seem to have really good attitudes about it.   Often I will hear them spelling to each other and then giggling uncontrollably.

boys spelling and acting silly

What has them so enthusiastic?

The letter P.

Mom, how do you spell iCup?

That isn’t even a word.

Just spell it, please?

No.   Thanks.*

*See how I can avoid the spelling trap?   The last thing I need my boys to hear coming out of my mouth is “I see you pee”.

Mom, can you spell syrup without the s and add an -ing?


**I am not going to utter “Why are you peeing”.   Nope, not me.   I am impressed with the creativity of this one.   It has the bonus action that my 4 year old knows how to spell “syrup” even though it is a tricky word to spell.   Impressive, eh?

And then there was this little spelling incident this morning…

Rhett was sitting at the kitchen table drawing and asked Ryan how to spell something that he wanted to write on his picture.

Ryan responded with something I couldn’t hear.

*blood curdling scream*

I ran into the room to see who was bleeding only to find that the emergency was of the spelling variety.

A spelling emergency?

What is wrong?!

Rhett(4):   I asked Ryan how to spell ‘fireman’ and he said “L-O-O-P-Y-P-O-O-P-Y”.   Whenever I ask him how to spell ANYTHING he tries to make me spell LOOPY POOPY.


  1. Clearly you have some future writers on your hands. Loopy poopy? Literary GENIUS.

  2. lol Oh I enjoyed this! We are having some major spelling woes at our house! On a happy note we’ve had breakthroughs in math so I can’t complain. I liked your facebook page. I’m a Momlooper…pooper today! 🙂

  3. This is too cute!

  4. My boys are big on the iCup spelling joke. They tried it out on my mom over Thanksgiving but mom raised a son of her own and knew better than answer them.

    The haven’t mentioned the syrup one yet and I am torn between being glad and wanting to tell them it myself to score ‘cool mom’ points

  5. too funny!!
    My kids do the cup one but they have a thing about colors at the end?? basically it ends up being I see you pee “different colors” and they think it is hilarous..
    Just found your blog and am enjoying reading it 🙂

  6. LOL! Thanks for the mid afternoon laugh. 🙂 Thank goodness we so aren’t here. Maybe it’s because my only speller is a girl and my boy is 6 months old.

  7. uhmm sorry about that.. you can thank landry for I CUP.. 🙁

  8. Are you CERTAIN we aren’t raising the same boys? The iCup joke is a sure knee-slapper around here…any time I don’t nip it in the bud anyway.

    Their other fave is to ask “What’s under there?” When you reply, “Under where?” it is met with raucous laughter and “Hahahaha! You said underwear!!”

  9. iCup — I wonder if Steve Jobs will try to copyright that joke.
    Then there’s that wonder moment in Science as they study the solar system. Uranus- sure to crack up every boy on our own blue planet.

  10. i’m totally remembering this lesson in a few more years when my girls are trying to trick me into spelling words.

  11. Awesome. I’m sharing with my boys. Because somethings really need to be appreciated by those who can fully appreciate them.

  12. The genius store celald, they?re running out of you.

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