Potluck celebrating fruit bowl illumination

Happy Monday.

Happy Monday.


Here are some of my favorite searches from the week:
1. “addiction to motherhood”
2. “berber rugs + dog toenails”
3. “brought the suitcase to my home”
4. “catchy slogans for potlucks”


I really feel like I should address that last one. As the hostess of a weekly potluck, I really should step up to the plate *giggle* and be the SOURCE for catchy potluck slogans. So here are a few. If you would like to add one in the comments, I will add them to the list with full authorship linky credit…

June Cleaver Nirvana’s comprehensive list of catchy potluck slogans:
2. Snap, Crackle, POTLUCK!
3. Nothin’ Says Lovin’ like something random from a POTLUCK.
4. With a name like POTLUCK, it has to be good
5. Between love and madness lies POTLUCK.
6. Obey your POTLUCK.
7. Sometimes you feel like a POTLUCK, sometimes you don’t.
8. I want my POTLUCK!
9. A POTLUCK is a terrible thing to waste.
10. I’m POTLUCKING it.

Don’t forget to pick up your button:

What is up with Holly’s Coccyx?


Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week!

Since the Nivana was lazy last week and didn’t choose a peep I am doubling the peep pleasure by announcing two.

In response to I wish he represented MY district:

OMG he will be president! I love that parenting now requires fine print:) –Brittany

In response to If you give a Texas Mom a sunny day:

Felony flower photography. Good thing your son is destined to be a lawyer. You’re going to need him. –ThreeUnderTwo

Congrats to Brittany and ThreeUnderTwo. You will share the sidebar and the title of Reining Peeps of the Week.

What is in Holly’s fruit bowl?

I have come to a fruit bowl dilemma. I have been reporting for a year what is in my fruit bowl for a reason. The reason is because my fruit bowl sits in darkness. You can read about WHY my fruit bowl sits in darkness in The Legend of Bitter Holly.

Well, this week I got the problem resolved.

No more darkness.

Bitter Holly has mellowed.


Let there be light upon my fruit bowl.

So, I thought that maybe I should discontinue the potluck segment now that you can actually SEE what is in the fruit bowl.

But then I noticed something.

The lighting was perfect…

perfect for a picture.

May your over-ripe and slightly peeled bananas have perfect lighting…

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  1. jill jill bo bill says:

    I am thinking a banana split in your fruit bowl is unbeatable.

  2. ForestWander Nature Photography says:

    Kind makes you wonder what in the world the google is doing.

    I found your site by looking for flower pictures.

  3. Elaine A. says:

    Oh, your fruit bowl is just beautiful all lit up like that. I’m in awe.

    For a catch phrase how about “Time to make the POTLUCK!” (you know, like time to make the doughnuts…) Just a try! : )

  4. the planet of janet says:

    potluck power!

  5. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Potluck–it’s recession friendly!

  6. kelliebean says:

    It’s my potluck, and I want it now!

  7. i have missed monday potluck. really, when are we having cottage cheese loaf?

  8. Happy Campers says:

    Potluck With A Chance of Meatballs

    Eat, Pray, Love, Potluck!

    The Five Potlucks You Meet In Heaven

    Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Potluck

  9. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Finger-licking, Potlucking good. [I guess I kinda have to share part of the TM with KFC]

    Lotsa Luck with your POTsaLUCK! [That is my very cheesy 50s TV entry]

    Love your real-life fruit bowl, by the way.

  10. ShallowGal says:

    That is *not at all* how I pictured your fruit bowl.

  11. Jennifer H says:

    I love that bowl. There’s a chance your next fruit bowl feature will have to be: Where in the world is Holly’s fruit bowl?

    Not that I would steal it or anything. Stealing is wrong. Very, very wrong.

  12. Threeundertwo says:

    Oh no! I still need the mystery and aura surrounding the fruit bowl. You must have someplace else that’s dark where you can put it.

  13. Thanks very much for your interesting post. Will be back in the future.

  14. I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

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