Reality and I are still casual acquaintances…

I just noticed this is my 100th post. Thank you for reading!

Reality is a mixed up thing. I am a little tentative to write this only to find men in white coats on my front porch tomorrow, but really, reality needs a check…

Reality seems to be on a HEPA filter when talking about memories. I think we are hardwired to leave out, skip over and blatantly deny reality when looking back. This is where nostalgia comes in. Nostalgia and reality are enemies. Nostalgia remarks on the beauty of the snow–Christmas 1977. Reality laughs in nostalgia’s face stating how the power went out over a tri-state area for 3 days. Why is reality so mean? Why is nostalgia so nice? Were the good old days really good, or is that just nostalgia pontificating? Don’t get me wrong, I am nostalgia’s biggest fan. Nostalgia is one of my BFFs. I love pushing the erase button on any detail slightly embarrassing, stupid or ugly. I love editing the past for the sheer pleasure of the present. I love getting the edge over reality. A word of caution for those fighting reality with nostalgia. This is not a team event. This is a solo sport. If you re-write reality to align yourself with nostalgia, just be warned that others who participated in your past may still be on reality’s side. Some people actually cling to reality no matter what crap it dishes out. Don’t worry, nostalgia has fans all over the world to cheer you on.

“Being present in the moment” is a buzz phrase these days like “thinking outside of the box” was to the 80s. Can I just make a side point that if you are still using the “out of the box” phrase, you are really deep into the box. And “being present in the moment” is approaching ridiculous overuse syndrome (ROS) too, but before you cart me off to cliche’s anonymous, let me make my point. Sitting in a moment without the baggage of past reality or the exaggerated beauty of nostalgia is the only time when reality and I can bond. This is the time when my quiet mind can befriend reality and hold a civil conversation. The biggest obstacle to this unlikely friendship is life. Life has a way of running in circles, screaming at the top of its lungs and jumping up and down yelling “hey look at me”. Life can be very distracting to well, life. Calm down life! Let me enjoy you! I also believe, but won’t be able to prove it for years to come, that a friendly relationship with present reality can end the war between nostalgia and past reality. Wave the white flag, reality. Can’t we all just get along?

Future reality is my favorite because quite honestly, reality has no power. It is the future, no reality exists…yet. Now reality past and present are sneaky and try to visit like Scrooge’s ghosts, but they got nothing. They can be ignored without consequence. So when I completely believe that someday I will be a guest on the Oprah show (for the full hour, not just a segment…give me some credit here) what can reality say….NOTHING! Take that reality! What if I run around my state fully prepared to be a future governor of Texas…how does reality respond? Shhh…sure is quiet on the reality front. When I imagine the bright and shiny future of a lottery winner, what does reality think? Reality thinks I better buy a ticket. Oh reality! The thing about reality is that it always seems to get in the last word.


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