Life: Fair and Balanced…

Yesterday I was snapping pictures and Ryan declared, “I am too grumpy to have my picture taken.”

Which was a true picture of what was happening at the moment, but I kept snapping along with a bit of a tickle and 80 digital pictures in–I got this one! Yeah, persistance pays off.

In the interest of being fair and balanced, the rest of this blog is comprised of things I normally leave off others. Insert boys screaming here. Insert boys fighting here. Insert boys coming to mommy crying, “R_______ (insert one of 3 R names) hurt me by doing _____________”, Insert boys fussing about picking up toys, changing gears, eating, eating, eating, not eating, not eating, not eating, bedtime, bathtime, wanting to go outside, not wanting to go outside, being bored, being overstimulated (OK, they don’t complain, but mommy does) and generally about life. Insert some more screaming here. Insert some more screaming here. Insert some more screaming here…


  1. to sick to say anything interesting — but isn’t it nice when people leave comments?

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