How three boys who came from the same genetic pool and are being raised in the same environment can be so different is a mystery to me. What happened to nature?   What happened to nurture? lego storyI see it everyday in tiny little things.   Ryan and Rhett tend to think along the same lines.   Reid is drawing those lines into dragons. You see it here in the stories.   Ryan and Rhett are going to be lawyers.   Reid is going to be a janitor. For Christmas, the boys received a LEGO table {my DIY LEGO table instructions} and before noon Christmas day it had been co-oped by Ryan for his “city” and NOTHING ELSE.   My dreams of an organized playroom died by Christmas night. Plan B was to eventually create a table for EACH boy with the justification that each boy could control his own table with the bonus of removing LEGO pieces from the floor. Plan B was implemented last week in conjunction with a playroom closet makeover. Now each boy has their own building space.   My main rule is that no one can influence what you build on your table.   It is your space. Oh, and PICK UP THE PIECES OFF THE FLOOR! Lego City by RyanRyan has continued to build on his city.   He has made conscientious building set purchases to accumulate buildings, vehicles, signage and work areas. There is a downtown area where minifigures shop. There is a port where boats meet land transportation. The city has invested in infrastructure.   Roads connect commerce. Lego city by RhettRhett has connected his city to Ryan’s.   The tables are next to each other with grey baseplates bridging highways. He seems to be in charge of the city suburbs.   His suburban airport is close enough for city dwellers to fly to distant the bedroom. There is a police department, fire department and auto shop. Recreation vehicles are lined up for sale for the thrill-seeking minifigure. He has created billboards from photos and is running a thriving ad business. Lego city by ReidReid’s table is pushed next to his brothers’, but that is where the connection ends. All his buildings are medieval.   There is no road system or clear historical era. The ancient castle sits in the middle with an airplane piloted by Santa flying overhead.   Santa is well stocked for war with taser guns, a witch’s cauldron and a keg. The castle flag is being held by alien forces. The knights are in hand-to-hand combat with swords.   One of the knights has already been decapitated, but magically the blood is holding his head in place. A freakishly large spider envelopes the stable.   Below the horses are galloping away in fear. Woody from Toy Story has obviously had a run in with the kid next door because his neck is elongated and topped by a green space face. lego kingdom by reidA council of ghosts oversee the kingdom.   Their rulings do not appear to be strictly enforced.   The court jester seems to be mocking their authority. A Speedo clad swimmer is poised to dive off a mummy’s tomb into a pool of concrete. Overhead, a knight with cross-bow flies by on a prop plane. There is a crooked treehouse.   It is on fire.   This is unfortunate for the boxers on top who are fighting in the boxing ring. The only reason I can come up with for these boys being so different is for my entertainment.

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  1. I am chuckling over Reid’s creations… too funny!! He is full of great creativity and imagination huh!!

  2. My kids (boys and girls) have never really loved Legos. I feel like a failure as a parent. My boys have some sets, but they never finished building them. They’ll play with them once in a while. So, your boys are clearly awesome. I love the contrast.

  3. Reid is my kinda guy. I totally get him. He is not held by convention or linear thinking. The fact that he wants to be a janitor makes perfect sense…it’s his subconscious making an attempt to organize (or clean-up) what’s going on in his laterally thinking head. I’m absolutely sure Tim Burton’s mother was puzzling over her child just as you are! And look how great he turned out.

  4. this just made my day. #1 that your boys are so freakin crafty with legos and #2 that I imagine you sitting on the floor in the play room and photographing these with your nice camera and discovering, in detail, the imaginations of your boys. Love this post! xoxo