I believe that we all can look back and think of a childhood obsession that we were pretty sure would be life changing. reid in the snow laughing 650 For me, it usually centered around animals.   I remember scrimping and saving to head to the pet store to buy my future BFF. How happy we were going to be together! Me and my new newt. We would experience life with him/her/who knows! perched on my finger. He/her/who knows! would wait for me to return from school and then the fun could begin. Oh, happy was the day that the newt was mine. Newts don’t necessarily meet all expectations, but it was a blissful two months until he raced behind the piano never to be seen again. Poor newt. I was pretty sure that the newt void could be filled with a hamster. Hamsters are cute and furry! And coincidentally, one of my classmates needed to get rid of one*. *Now that I am a mom, I expect there is more to THAT story. So, I bought Rocky the stunt hamster from Victor at school in an epic transaction that included a habitat and hamster ball. Rocky came with the title stunt hamster, so naturally we wanted to make sure he had an exciting life at our house.   My brother and I built tracks with blocks that allowed the hamster ball to propel in one of two directions.   I cringe now at the memory that the track lead down the flight of stairs…but Rocky was a good sport and didn’t seem to suffer any stunt injuries. Rocky and I were close, but how close can you be to someone that willy nilly pees in a hamster ball leaving a sticky trail across the living room carpet? Really, friends don’t do that to each other. I can’t remember how long Rocky lasted, but he was followed by a few other hamsters, a series of goldfish and then an aquarium.   There was a 5 year stretch where every spare penny I earned went directly to the pet store. Which is why I totally understand Reid(8). As a family, we have decided against pets that mom will end up taking care of until boys demonstrate the responsibility required. No dogs. No cats. No hamsters. No newts {shhh…I probably would give in on the newt}. Reid has found self-sustaining tiny frogs in their own habitat at the local toy store.   For $24.99 you get two tiny frogs and a years’ worth of food.   Additional years’ worth of food is $3.99.   Supposedly, they are maintenance-free and mighty cute. By the time he had saved up, they were all out. More were on order and they put my name on a list to call when the fresh batch of tiny frogs arrive. So now, at least 10 times a day, I answer the question… Have the frogs called yet?  

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  1. My boys got those self-sustaining frogs last year for Christmas. They were actually really cool and easy to take care of. Each one contained 2 frogs. We lost one frog early on. Then a few months later we decided to put a real pretty blue rock in the habitat and I was cleaning the lid in the kitchen, when I came back in to put the lid on the frog was gone. I guess the blue rock gave him access to get up and out of there! We never did find his little froggy body.

  2. we may be sisters…separated at birth. sadly, the madagascar hissing cockroaches were the straw that broke my mother’s back and made her finally call the pet shop and forbid them to sell me anything else that breathed. *sighs*
    *brightens* but now i’m an adult and she can’t tell me what to do! lalalalalalalalala! (and my husband just shakes his head)

  3. That frog habitat thingummy sounds so cool. Much better deal than when my son kept some lizards from the back yard and I had to buy them crickets every week.