Wisdom from Grandma

This post is inspired by the  Nestlé ® Pure Life ® Facebook page Mom’s Wisdom campaign.  They are sharing all sorts of wisdom handed down through the generations.

grandmas dishes

My grandma was always smiling.  It was just the way she was.  Her smile easily turned into a laugh without effort.

She could magically turn 5 different left-overs into a meal.  If there was 2 bites of something left at a meal, she would package it up in a tiny glass covered dish and place it in the fridge.  “A dab of this” and a “dab of that” would materialize into a new {sometimes improved, sometimes not so much} meal later.

Those put-together meals were served on blue and white dishes that she got at the bank “a hundred years ago”.  With each deposit, she qualified for a new plate, bowl or cup.  She remembered that as the promotion end neared, she enlisted a friend or two to make deposits on her behalf so she could finish her set of dishes.

Several years before she passed away, I was visiting her house and she lead me around the house and asked what I wanted after she was gone.

Grandma!  I don’t want anything.  I don’t even want to THINK about this.

No, please!  It makes me happy to see that you will have some of my treasures.

And so we walked around and she would tell me the story of each piece.  I noticed that some of the things already had sticky notes on the bottom with a name and sometimes a few story keywords.  We spent the afternoon storytelling and laughing over the memories.

Grandma, what I really want are the blue and white dishes.

Those old things?  They aren’t worth a penny.

Aren’t worth a penny?  Every time I see them in my home years later, I think of grandma walking home from the bank each week with her newly acquired treasure.

My grandma gave more advice through her actions than words.  Her sunny spirit was an encouragement even on the rainiest day.

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As for me.  My latest wisdom handed out daily to my three boys has been a little less quotable, and likely a little bit louder in delivery…


But considering the consequences, it is solid advice.

Please go add your advice {even if it resembles mine!}

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